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CoreChair is the Healthiest
chair in the world.

CoreChair is a new way to sit and stay active.
Adding CoreChair as a part of a healthy lifestyle is the
best thing you can do to take your health to the next level.

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We are sitting on the edge of a paradigm shift.

Despite the various aesthetic and engineering changes typical office chairs have undergone through the years, they all have been denying us the one thing our bodies were built to do: MOVE.
CoreChair is not your traditional office chair. We're breaking the
mold with a revolutionary design that encourages active sitting.

CoreChair keeps you active all day.

The CoreChair Advantage

We believe that just because you sit,
doesn't mean you should have to sit still.

That's why we invented the CoreChair: high performance, active-sitting.

CoreChair is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy long-lasting comfort, a happier back, and a
healthier you. It's the best solution to sedentary sitting.

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Reduces Back Pain
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Engages Your Core
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Benefits Your Healthy Lifestyle

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Tech Savvy

With technology comes computers, with computers comes desks, and with desks comes… you guessed it. Chairs. CoreChair is its own class of technology, reinventing what it means to sit.

See what others like you have said about their CoreChair experience.

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Productivity Focused

Ah, the notorious desk chair. In an office setting, they’re pretty much unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean your team should suffer for it. If you want to increase your team’s productivity and workplace happiness, it’s time to invest in a new desk chair.

Discover what CoreChair can do for your team and your “bottom” line.

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Health Aware

You know a thing or two about health, and you’re aware of the impact sitting has on us. But have you ever thought of sitting as an activity that’s actually good for you? With CoreChair, it’s possible.

Join us in our mission to revolutionize sitting for good.

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Our Science Sets Us Apart

CoreChair is Different.

CoreChair is backed by research, built from science, and endorsed by the healthcare community.
Every day people like you are making the switch and discovering the benefits of active sitting.
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10 Year Warranty

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