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4 Ways to Make Your Workforce More Productive

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Uncategorized

One of the most important roles you have as a leader is finding new and engaging ways to increase the productivity of your workforce. For many, this is not the easiest of tasks to face. Employee opposition, lack of interest in the role, and/or managerial discretions can all have adverse effects on employee production. Finding innovative ways to combat these issues while engaging your workforce can help productivity rates soar.

 Here are four practices you can implement today to encourage productivity amongst your workforce.

1. Promote Healthy Habits

One way to increase productivity in your workforce is by promoting healthy habits. Workplaces that place a strong emphasis on employee wellness are often highly regarded by their teams.

When employees are proud to work at an organization that cares about their well-being and feel they are well respected, they tend to be more committed to succeeding in their role.

2. Update Your Office Furniture

As a manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your team has the tools and technology at hand to complete their job correctly. Oftentimes, this responsibility also plays into the amenities offered inside of your office.

woman showing improved posture with corechairThe furniture that employees are equipped with can be more important than you may realize.A comfortable desk and an ergonomic chair can play a significant role in employee satisfaction.

Furthermore, employees tend to be more productive when they’re comfortable. Ergonomically well-designed furniture should optimize posture and encourage movement. This can help reduce back pain while improving circulation and strengthening muscles. 

3. Streamline Your Communications Tech

Streamlining operations is important in many business aspects, but it is particularly critical for communication. When a multitude of communication technologies are used in an organization, it can cause chaos across the team.

Information becomes skewed, and a disconnect is created between departments.

At any given moment, you could have a team member emailing you a document, while another is instant messaging you, and a third is texting you. This is not an ideal methodology for any company to adopt. When teams lack proper and unified communication channels, productivity rates tend to drop.

For this reason, it’s beneficial for your organization to consider investing in a Unified Communications network that will help advance teams forward as a united front. With streamlined technology such as this, there is a straightforward platform for collaboration, messaging, and video calling. As a result, information is more easily digestible for employees who tend to struggle to keep up with alternating platforms for information sharing. When everything is in the same location, tasks and projects are better understood.

Streamlined technology also provides an environment that encourages team-based work styles to thrive. Increased productivity tends to occur when a team is working together to achieve the same goals and objectives. When too many platforms are involved, that sense of teamwork can get lost in the chaos.

4. Stop Micromanaging

Micromanagement in any workplace is never favorable. It can often be tied to disengagement and feelings of employee resentment. Employees that feel micromanaged often feel unmotivated at work. Alternatively, when employees are autonomous in their roles, they tend to be more productive.

The sense of trust and feel that they are responsible enough to make their own decisions is something that is highly regarded by employees.

people being micromanaged

There are many ways in which an organization can give employees more freedom without fully relinquishing all control. Even small changes, such as cleaning hacks from experts like maids from Georgia are, letting employees set their working hours, or providing remote work options, can have benefits on productivity rates. Similarly, don’t over restrict phone and social media use— this can be discouraging, and people are pretty good about not letting it get out of hand on their own. It’s also important to sit down with employees and have honest conversations about their work. Find out what they are interested in working on and how they work best. Knowing this information can help create an environment that allows them to work on projects they will be excited to be a part of.

As the nature of the workforce evolves, it will become increasingly more important to innovate how businesses motivate their employees. By becoming an early adopter of these strategies, you can help you create an active, motivated, and engaged workforce that is ready to meet the needs of the future.

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