Have you ever owned a low-back ergonomic chair before? While these chair designs appear to be Backless posture chairs, compared to traditional tall back chairs, they are becoming increasingly popular as people seek an alternative to chairs that provide too much support. These backless sitting designs can provide excellent posture support, but can they be beneficial if their structure makes it difficult for you to sit steadily for long working hours?

This new blog post will cover everything from: How do backless posture chairs work for long working office hours? How do you think improved posture will help you? Want to know more? Start exploring by reading our full blog right now!

Are backless ergonomic chairs good for posture? Do you need a backless chair or a chair with a small (strategic) back

Yes, they are ideal if you want to improve your body posture because you may have been doing that wrong for ages. Help yourself with backless posture chairs because they are designed to encourage you to move freely in different directions and assume different positions. It is always encouraged to select equipment that keeps you healthy especially if you are working long hours that helps to keep your spine in optimal alignment and balance. A backless posture chair includes height adjustment to be raised or lowered, saving you from a single tiresome posture and letting you sit in perfect shape to work healthily for hours, where the next position is always the best.

Why should you get a backless posture chair?

The CoreChair is designed to optimize your sitting posture and encourage healthy movement.. It’s strategic design strengthens your spine while you sit and work for as long as you need, and the increased blood flow also helps so that you don’t feel lethargic at the end.


Let’s look at a few reasons to get an ergonomic chair for yourself:

• Adjustment

Your spine is designed to be upright and balanced. If you sit in a bad posture all day, your body will conform to this shape so that you have poor posture all the time and you will experience more body aches during all of your other activities.

• Improved Metabolism

The Backless Posture Chair is designed, engineered and tested to encourage continuous low intensity movement which promotes better metabolism, making you healthier and more relaxed.

• Increased Core Strength

Core strength is the foundation of health, and this chair can add to that foundation. A strong core supports your body muscles and boosts your ability to raise and carry additional weight, providing you with greater strength.

• Better Blood Circulation

The ability to sustain constant movement and muscle activity, enhances your circulation and assists the heart especially with the venous return blood flow from your lower legs.

• Pain Relief

Regular use of this backless ergonomic chair when adjusted properly, is a safe, effective, and natural support to get rid of back pain with the right posture position.

• Improve Your Posture

This backless posture chair is perfect for improving your posture. Adjust the seat height and angle to customize your position for maximum comfort.

• Core Muscle Development

An ideal way to help you find your core. With this posture chair, you can practice exercises that will improve the shape of your body and your posture, and with every movement, you can see how many reps you can do before fatigue sets in.

• Comfort

We care for our clients so we have designed these chairs to make you feel comfortable so your work doesn’t become a punishment for you.

How can you find the best backless or small back ergonomic chairs?

Mentioned below are some crucial aspects to consider while selecting the ideal backless ergonomic chairs:

• The right seat angle

The main objective is to achieve a comfortable and balanced open hip angle that encourages your pelvis to be more vertical rather than leaning backward. Once you have found this right position and you feel comfortable, always keep in mind that you should continue to change your position, even if this change is very minimal. The movement of the CoreChair ensures an easy and smooth change of position. With or without a backrest It is very difficult to sit for prolonged periods of time on any surface, with no back rest at all. It is important that the pelvis is supported very well as a priority.
Generally people assume that a tall back rest is essential but often this provides too much support and restricts movement and encourages poor sitting posture over time.

Will siting on a backless or small back posture chair cause discomfort?

A Short back office chair like CoreChair is ideal for most but many people enjoy the ability to lounge in their office chair rather than sit engaged and balanced, mostly from habit.
When the CoreChair is first used, the user will begin assuming an improved sitting posture with no upper back support. This new position will demand involvement of the upper back postural muscles to support this new position. This activity of muscles will be similar to attending a gym with new exercises and some, but not all, people will feel the early stages of discomfort associated with exercise. This will soon diminish as your body adapts, balances and strengthens.

How to find the perfect office chair for extended work hours?

Active CoreChair is the best office chair for continuous sitting. With its 360-degree swivel base, and its ability to tilt up to 14 degrees in all directions, you may move about freely while working comfortably and keeping the alignment of your spine, which safeguards your back. Don’t forget that you need a chair on which you can sit and move freely to keep your body active and stretchable from time to time. Good support and fluidity of movement are the most important elements for sitting.

You need to invest in an active CoreChair and now is the time. Contact us.

You must think about how crucial it is to have comfort, convenience, or freedom in your regular living. A decent ergonomic chair is essential, and CoreChair will help you decide on one that suits your needs to select the ideal seating posture.

CoreChair assumes a science based approach to designing office chairs that optimize sitting posture, long term comfort and encourage movement.

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