CoreChair Introduces New Products at Neocon 2019

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CoreChair for the first time attended and exhibited at Neocon, the world’s leading platform and most important event of the year for the commercial design industry.


Sharing booth space with another Canadian company, Borgo Contract Furniture, allowed CoreChair excellent exposure. The Borgo team is a manufacturing partner for some of their specialty products and has been exhibiting at Neocon for over 20 years allowing them to establish prime real estate within the massive Exhibit Hall.

corechair perch stools at neocon
patrick harrison sitting on corechair at neocon

At the event, CoreChair introduced two new innovative products:

The Tango introduces itself as a simplified and cost-effective alternative to the CoreChair Classic.

Tango encourages users to discover the active sitting difference offering the same postural support and sculpted seat cushion as the CoreChair Classic without all the upgrades.

The Tango comes with a 3-year Warranty and 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

The official release date is September 2019.

To learn more or to pre-order a Tango, please visit


The CorePerch is an excellent option for those who currently use or are planning to use a standing desk.

It pairs perfectly with any height-adjustable desk allowing users to actively sit, stand, or perch at their workstation.

Unlike other Perch stools, the CorePerch offers users a highly sculpted seat cushion designed to promote good posture, relieve pressure points, and prevent sliding.

The CorePerch comes with a 2-year Warranty.

The official release date is September 2019.

To learn more or to pre-order a CorePerch, please visit


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