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Best Office Colour To Boost Productivity And Your Mood

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Uncategorized

When designing your office, consider decorating it using the colour green. The colours used in an office can really change the mood and productivity levels of the employees within it.

For example, Environmental psychologist and principal at “Design With Science,” Sally Augustin, Ph.D. says that shades of green have been linked to enhanced creative thinking. Creativity at work is important for all roles, as it can be anything from creating marketing tactics, or the best ways to analyze data on a spreadsheet.

green plant for health at workShe suggested that when painting or decorating walls, choose a hue that’s quiet and calming, rather than busy and loud such as a sage, or sea-foam green. Sally explains that colours that aren’t too saturated but still relatively bright can put as in the perfect sort of relaxed mental state in order to be most productive with knowledge-based work.

It is also suggested that avoiding shades of red can be effective at preventing negative outcomes in analytical performance.

Since in most cases, we are not able to move into our office and paint the walls whatever colour we want, try just adding green touches to your cubicle. You could cover your cubicle walls with wallpaper, or add art or photos with green in them. It is also beneficial to have a lot of green plants around your desk and office. Indoor plants not only add in touches of green to your workspace, but they also help remove impurities from the air and improve air quality.


A research study(PDF) carried out by Dr. Roger S. Ulrich of Texas A&M University and Helen Russell, Surrey University, England have revealed plants significantly lower workplace stress and enhance productivity.

Pay attention to the colours that are in your workspace and try and make the shift to more green! As discussed previously, an easy way to do this today is to add in some indoor green plants! For a detailed list of plants, please click here.

Looking for more ways to help you be your most productive self? Try out the CoreChair! The CoreChair is an active sitting ergonomic office chair designed to encourage movement and improve blood flow to the brain.

In fact, Dr. Leah Bent at the University of Guelph found that there was a significant reduction in calf circumference when individuals sat on the CoreChair indicative of improved lower extremity blood flow and a significant reduction of errors commissioned utilizing SART (Sustained Attention to Response Task) suggesting enhanced cognitive function with blood flow.  If you’d like to request a full copy of this study please email us To learn more about our research, please visit our research summaries page.

 Looking for more ways to be your most productive self? Check out Brief which is an app that focuses your day to achieve more! It encourages team collaboration and is a phenomenal way to enhance your productivity!


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