What is lower lumbar support?

Lower lumbar support, simply means lower back support in the lumbar spine region and this is a design feature that is typically found in ergonomic office chairs. This is very important for persons who sit a lot because when someone sits their pelvis tends to tilt rearward and this causes the lumbar spine region to flatten or flex.

Traditional ergonomic office chairs provide either fixed or adjustable support directed on the area of the lumbar spine that has become flexed or flattened. CoreChair addresses this by introducing a sculpted seat cushion and providing support on the top of the back of the pelvis. Together these supports embrace the pelvis and address the cause of this flexed lumbar spine.

Why do we need lumbar support?

When the lumbar spine is flattened, the vertebral joints flex and cause the soft supportive tissues on the front of the spine to shorten and those on the back of the spine to lengthen. This is technically referred to as soft tissue creep and it leads to joint instability and risk of injury.

Ideally if the person is sitting with a pelvic and spine alignment similar to that of standing, the vertebrae of the spine are balanced with relatively even pressure distribution and structural support between these bony human infrastructure.

Assuming a historically preached sitting position of 90/90/90 compromises this balance and necessitates a solution to the pending symptoms in the form of lumbar support over the actual vertebrae in the lumbar spine region and arm supports to attempt to provide support for the lateral instability of the spine when it assumes a flexed presentation.

Prolonged periods of sitting in this unbalanced and unsupported position will lead to a diminished posture which will contribute to a range of musculoskeletal disorders from mild to severe and most often described as “back pain”.

The CoreChair design approach begins with the pelvis where in the case of sitting, the pelvis is the foundation, much like the feet when standing and very similar to constructing a house. The place to start from that needs to be top priority. When the pelvis is supported properly, at the base where the sit bones or ischial tuberosities make contact with the seat and at the top of the back of the pelvis, where the pelvis naturally wants to tilt rearward, the pelvis can stay vertical, similar to standing and in turn the lumbar spine maintains some natural inward or lordotic curvature. When the lumbar spine is balanced like this, the ascending spine, mid back to neck, has a better chance of following this lead and ultimately allowing the head to sit balanced over the top of the spine.

Optimal lumbar support through lower lumbar support or pelvic support, assists in diminishing low back pain but also back pain throughout the entire spine.

What is the difference between regular ergonomic chairs and lower lumbar support from CoreChair?

The main difference between regular ergonomic office chairs follow a tradition where the design is “required” to include and seat and tall back as well as arm supports. The assumed set up includes a 90/90/90 body position. Hips 90 degrees flexion, knees 90 degrees flexion and ankles 90 degrees flexion.

CoreChair is designed to support the users pelvis to prevent slumping while allowing the users pelvis to open the hip angle from 90 degrees to 120 degrees, or more. The concept is that when the pelvis is supported and allowed mobility, the body can assume a more upright, supported and balanced position that is allowed to change dependent on task, as you would expect the human body to perform.

Traditional ergonomic office chairs by design, necessitate additional lumbar support due to the pelvis and its natural tendency to tilt rearward if not supported optimally. Most prominent is the action of the sit bones on a relatively flat sit surface that tend to slide forward, enabling the pelvis to tilt rearward. Again, as the pelvis tilts rearward, the lumbar spine flattens and a traditional lumbar support is required to attempt to reverse this structural failure by pushing the spine into extension.

This lumbar support does not necessarily provide a permanent fix because in many cases the actual support may push the sit bones further forward and exacerbate the problem. The objective is to reduce the flattening of the lumbar spine and open the thoracic spine and balance the head.

The vast majority of ergonomic office chairs focus so heavily on supporting the body that they ultimately result in very minimal movement. This is the true contribution to what has become coined as “sitting disease”. Sitting static without movement.

CoreChair on the other hand, focuses on optimal sitting posture with minimal external structural interference, that encourages healthy movement and strengthening of the users core stabilising musculature to allow optimal range of motion for all segmented extremities of this musculoskeletal miracle.

Does lumbar support weaken your back?

Lumbar support provided by an office chair helps reduce stress on the spine and lower back. Properly designed and adjusted lumbar support encourages good posture while sitting by positioning your pelvis and spine and distributing your body weight properly and reducing strain on your muscles. This helps to reduce pain and stiffness in the lower back caused by incorrect seating position or lack of movement. However, the overuse of external supports can actual lead to a weakening of these musculoskeletal priorities and compromise the structural integrity when the person is subjecting their bodies to other activities of daily living, especially those that are more strenuous.

The CoreChair approach, is intended to provide only support where it is essential and encourage movement to allow a process of strengthening which will increase sitting tolerance and contribute to a healthy body when subjected to these other forms of activities of daily living.

Optimal pelvic/ lumbar positioning can help prevent long-term damage associated with bad posture such as neck and shoulder pain, headache, fatigue, digestive problems, disc deformity and nerve compression. Therefore, having a well-designed lower lumbar support office chair is beneficial for overall health and wellbeing.

Benefits of lower lumbar and pelvic support office chair

Lower lumbar support office chairs, such as the CoreChair, provide a variety of ergonomic benefits that help to improve posture and comfort. The unique design of the CoreChair includes adjustable pelvic support that promotes lumbar stability which helps to reduce back pain and strain by encouraging an optimal position for your lower spine. Additionally, the pelvic support feature encourages proper sitting posture which helps to keep your back in its natural alignment, relieving pressure and discomfort. With additional features like adjustable height, the CoreChair is designed to provide maximum comfort and improved productivity while reducing fatigue caused by sitting for long periods of time.

It is important to challenge the 90/90/90 tradition and assume a position where your hips are more open, which in turn will open your knee and ankle positions. One should experiment to find their optimal position within a range of 100 to 120 degrees hip angle and be certain that your sitting solution does not also cause that open hip angle to make your sit bones slide forward. This is where the sculpted CoreChair sit surface excels and the pelvic support in harmony maintains an optimal position.

Why is a lower lumbar support office chair the best solution?

Lower lumbar support office chairs, such as CoreChair, are the best solution for people who sit for long periods of time because they help maintain a healthy posture and provide pelvic support. This type of chair helps keep your back in an ergonomically proper position and relieves strain on your lower back muscles, helping to prevent slouching or straining that can lead to chronic pain. The additional lumbar positioning provided by these chairs ensures your spine stays properly aligned, preventing neck pain and stiffness from prolonged sitting. Furthermore, the adjustable height settings allow you to customize the chair for comfort and optimal alignment regardless of size or stature. The active seat mechanism allows this support to follow the natural positioning and movement of your body.

How to choose the best office chair with lower lumbar support for yourself?

Choosing the best office chair for yourself with lower lumbar support is essential to maintain good posture and avoid any potential long-term damage or discomfort. There are many factors to consider when selecting an office chair, including your individual body type and size, the type of work that you do, as well as the amount of time you spend in it.

– Body awareness

Listen to your body and seek input from appropriate health professionals to truly understand what is happening to your body and what is causing the symptoms of pain that has become your top priority.
When you understand the cause, it is much simpler to determine the solution.

The vast majority of persons who experiencing low back pain from sitting are not aware that their pelvis is not adequately supported. Consider this.

– Expert input

When it comes to selecting the best office chair for lower lumbar support, expert input is a key factor. We looked to ergonomics experts who specialize in assessing the human body’s physical relationship with workspaces -chairs in particular – for guidance. This list of professionals might include Chiropractors, Physios, Occupational Therapists and Ergonomists.

Be certain that whoever you approach for guidance has a good knowledge of “all” solutions available and that they are open to understanding the science of sitting.

CoreChair is a disruptive innovation that features a unique design that is specifically tailored to provide superior pelvic assistance for your spine and encourage healthy and safe movement.

The end result is an office chair designed specifically with the needs of those seeking for pelvic and lower lumbar support in mind. The combination of its ergonomically designed components, its easy adjustability, and its superior comfort make CoreChair one of the most appropriate solutions when it comes to finding a chair that provides optimal lower back and pelvic support.

– Lower lumbar support

The importance of pelvic-lumbar support for office chairs cannot be underestimated. A chair that does not offer adequate lower back support not only causes discomfort, it can also lead to long-term health issues such as chronic back pain. Remember that when your objective is to sit optimally, you must consider your pelvis to be like the foundation of your house. Well supported and able to stabilize your ascending spine.

– Reviews

After researching a variety of chairs with pelvic support, we decided to go with CoreChair as our top pick. With customer reviews averaging 4.7 out of 5 stars, it’s clear that this chair is well-loved for its ergonomic design and efficient lumbar support as well as consistent reports on its ability to reduce back pain.

Furthermore CoreChair provides additional features such as adjustable tilt tension, adjustable seat depth, and a 360° swivel and active sitting motion mechanism – all of which are designed to promote healthy posture and movement while seated at your desk or workstation.

Overall, CoreChair has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers due to its unparalleled comfort levels and lumbar support capabilities – making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a high-quality office chair with lower lumbar support.

– Price

When selecting the right office chair for lower lumbar support, price was a key factor in our decision. To ensure that our employees received the best possible care and comfort while at work, we wanted to find a chair that was both comfortable and reasonably priced. CoreChair offers superior lower lumbar support and pelvic support at an affordable price.

It is also important to know that your investment is protected with a solid warranty. In an industry where warranties range from 1 to 8 years, it is comforting to know that CoreChair has a good 8 year warranty. While CoreChair is not a cheap chair, it is designed, tested and built to last following the BIFMA/ ANSI design, safety and durability standards.

– Customer Support

In the modern world of technology it is so easy to become an insignificant customer after your purchase has happened. CoreChair provides well thought out videos to assist but more importantly, they remain available for direct communication either by phone or video that will ensure that your investment is protected.

– Aesthetics

No one will seek out a product that looks hideous and purchasing an office chair is no different. When the CoreChair design Team considered aesthetics, their conclusion was that they wanted a design that looked good but more importantly, they wanted a chair design that made you look great. Optimal sitting posture makes everyone look so much better.

CoreChair – the best lower lumbar support office chair

Are you looking for a lower lumbar support office chair that offers the perfect blend of comfort, posture-correcting features, and style? Then look no further than the CoreChair. This revolutionary office chair provides excellent pelvic support while keeping your spine in proper alignment, reducing stress on your back. Not only does this help reduce fatigue and improve productivity during a long workday, but it also helps prevent you from developing chronic back pain. Plus, its modern look makes it a stylish option to match any home or office décor. Invest in your health and well-being – buy the CoreChair today!

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