Healthy Office Snack Ideas You’ll Love

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Often while working, we resort to eating at our desk because we either do not have enough time to take snack and lunch breaks, or we are stuck doing data entry, and want to just snack out of boredom.

Well either way, if you find yourself snacking at your desk often throughout the day – it’s not the end of the world. In fact if you are eating healthy snacks it is actually better for you! Many studies say that eating a lot of smaller snacks throughout the day versus 3 big meals is better for your metabolism.

Now don’t take this the wrong way and rush out for some chips and chocolate. If you are going to snack, you’ve got to snack right! So what are some good healthy snacks that you can keep at your desk?

1. Homemade Nut Mix
Why do I say homemade? Well, often nut mixes that you buy in the store are loaded with salt and preservatives. So, if you end up eating a lot throughout the day, you are not doing yourselves any favors. Plus, when it’s homemade, you can include only the things you like!

I personally like anything with almonds, unsalted cashews, walnut, etc. And if you want a separate mix with a mid-day pick-me-up and to kick your sugar cravings, separate a little batch and add little chunks of all natural dark chocolate.

healthy bowl of almonds
2. Roasted Chickpeas
These are a great alternative to chips! They give you that delicious crunch that you can flavor however you wish, and they are packed with fiber, zinc, folate and protein!
healthy bowl of chickpeas
3. Fruits & Veggies
This is a given. Fruits and vegetables are always welcome as a snack! Try going with fruits that have less sugar in them, and some crispy green vegetables!

Tip: keep your fruit snacking to the morning, and turn to veggies in the afternoon. The reason for this, is that fruits still contain a lot of sugar – although it is good sugar, it is still sugar. Therefore, if we keep them to the morning we are giving ourselves the entire day to burn it off!

healthy bowl of fruit
The best thing you can have at your desk is WATER! Sometimes when we are hungry, it’s actually our body telling us that we are THIRSTY! If you find yourself getting hungry at unusual times throughout the day (perhaps right after lunch?) try drinking a glass of water before you eat something. If the hunger doesn’t go away, pull out a healthy snack. But most of the time, that hunger will go away once you have rehydrated yourself.
corechair water bottle
On that note, I am going to take a sip of water right now …

Okay I am back.

Anyways, try having some healthy snacks at your desk, and see how much more energized and alive you feel!

Which CoreChair is for you?

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Which CoreChair is for you?

Learn the differences!