It’s that time of the year again! The holiday season is upon us, and there’s no better time to start searching for the perfect gift for your employees or coworkers. Whether you have an employee with back pain or a coworker who’s always cold, giving them a thoughtful gift is a meaningful way to say thank you for all that they do.

To help, we’ve found the best gifts for every type of employee in your office. Our gift ideas are unique, thoughtful, and out-of-the-box so we are sure your employees will love them. Whether your budget is large or small, here are our top holiday gifts ideas for employees for 2019.

For the employee who has back pain – CoreChair

Back pain is an extremely common problem for office workers. When your employees are suffering from back pain, they are unable to perform to the best of their abilities. Traditional ergonomic office chairs with a tall back and armrest only act as band-aids to the problem and should be reconsidered before purchasing for an employee with back pain. If your employee has been struggling with back pain, check out the CoreChair. An ergonomic active sitting office chair that features a research-backed design and is recommended by the healthcare community for back pain relief. It comes with free shipping, a 60-day money-back guarantee, and a 12-year warranty. Learn more about the CoreChair benefits & design here. 

To buy: $795.00 CAD / $636.00 USD;

CoreChair Website



For the employee who goes to the gym before or after work- Mouteenoo Gym Bag

What better way to reward your active employees than gifting them a new gym bag!

The Mouteenoo small duffel bag is a great pick for many different reasons.

It is both sturdy and durable and made with good, high-quality, water-resistant materials. It features a separate shoe compartment and a place to store the smelly gym garments! 

To buy: $79.99 CAD / $25.86 USD;



For the employee who doesn’t have a window seat – SAD light

Working in an office environment can be hard due to the lack of fresh air and natural light. It can be especially hard for those employees who do not sit close to a window and cannot soak in the natural light during daylight hours.

This revolutionary Circadian Optics Lumine Light Therapy Lamp is an awesome gift idea to help employees boost their energy levels, improve mood, increase alertness and keep the winter blues at bay through light therapy. The answer to feeling better during the dark winter months is as simple as turning on the lamp!

To buy: $59.99 CAD / $49.99 USD;



For the employee who always has a coffee on their desk – Mug Warmer

Every office has that one individual who always has a cup of coffee on their desk. Unfortunately for them, coffee only stays hot for so long.

This coffee mug warmer from VOBAGA makes the perfect gift item. It has three temperature settings so that the coffee can either stay warm or warm-up.

It works well on mugs, stainless steel, and glass cups.

To buy: $32.99 CAD / $21.99 USD;



For the employee who uses a standing desk – CorePerch Stool

Do you have an employee who likes to use a standing desk? Standing desks are a great way to add more movement into the workday, however, standing all day can be especially hard on the joints and can lead to pain and injury.

The CorePerch is an active sitting perch stool that allows the user to perch on the stool while at their standing desk. This helps to take some of the pressure off of the joints and give some postural support. It features an intricately designed sculpted seat cushion to promote good posture and comfort.

Keep in mind this item is only available for pre-order and will ship out in January!

To buy: $365 CAD / $299 USD;


For the employee who is always cold – Heated Mouse Pad 

Most gift guides out there will most likely tell you to buy this person a blanket, however, we encourage you to step out of the box and give them something a little more unique and fun– a heated mouse pad with a hand warmer!

This Black Temptation Heated Mouse Pad helps keep cold hands warm at all hours of the workday!

Plus– there will probably be a few good laughs when they open it up!

To buy: $30.81 CAD / $21.57 USD;



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