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Patented Active Sitting Technology

Back Support


Core Strength

Pressure Point Relief

Better Posture


Blood Flow

Brain Power

Increased Caloric Burn


Increased Circulation

Developed by Kinesiologist

  • Users of the CoreChair can expect to incur increased metabolic demand of 20%.


  • CoreChair provides enhanced pelvic support and overall comparable functional support to ergonomic chairs.


  • CoreChair is effective in addressing a variety of benefits including but not limited to cognitive alertness, low back pain, rehabilitation of post-surgical hip reconstruction, neck and shoulder discomfort and long-term sitting tolerance.

Validated by Multiple University Studies

“The CoreChair is more efficient at introducing desired movement and an exercise opportunity, while providing optimal support.”

– University of Waterloo

“The incidental movement from a CoreChair had a 20% increase in the calories you burn.

– Mayo Clinic in collaboration with Arizona State University

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“Lower perceived levels of back pain [and] back stiffness [and] physical tiredness and were happy with the amount of support and movement the chair provided”

Memorial University

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“Improved lower extremity blood flow and enhanced cognitive function with blood flow”

– Guelph University

Quality Guaranteed


We are so confident in the quality and positive health effect of CoreChair that we are offering a free trial for any chair so you could feel the difference!

Amy Schulick

Can I just say….I LOVE MY CORECHAIR! The movement is subtle, yet fantastic. The low back support feels great and I no longer experience lower back pain from sitting all day. In addition, the seat cushion is so incredibly comfortable. 5-star purchase!

Mitchell Maglio

Fast shipping and easy installation. The seat is really comfortable out of the box, and the pelvic support is surprisingly effective. Casters roll smooth, even on carpet.

Anneli Janssens

I love the CoreChair. I sit at the computer all day for my job and am very stiff and sore on a regular basis. The CoreChair makes me sit in a proper posture and I felt the difference right away. I wasn’t stiff and sore after and even had more energy.

What is it like to sit in a CoreChair?
Reports arising from thousands of CoreChair users suggest that they feel:

  • More alert and productive throughout their work day
  • Less stiffness in their hips and low back that they would normally experience when they stand up from a traditional chair after sitting for a period of time
  • More comfort under their sit bones and tail bone
  • Reduced upper back and neck pain
  • Less strain on their back when reaching
What is active-sitting?

Active-sitting is the opposite of static sitting. Static sitting occurs when seating is rigid, and results in sustained mechanical tissue loading. The bodily strain occurring with traditional rigid seating is widely thought to contribute to negative health effects. Active-sitting chairs encourage you to move, sway, twist and rock. This strengthens muscles in the back and core area, to relieve the static loads acting on joints, ligaments, and tendons, and to promote circulation for elimination of waste products. Thus, a dynamic, ergonomic sitting position of the CoreChair leads to improved posture, core stability, and circulation. This conditioning of the core muscles of the spine and trunk may significantly aid in preventing back pain. In turn, it is understood that movement lubricates and nourishes the spinal joints and intervertebral discs, keeping skeletal joints flexible and healthy.

Will CoreChair help strengthen my core?

While the CoreChair is not as unstable as an exercise ball, it does engage your core stabilizing muscles very much on par according to a study conducted by the Dept of Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo.

When we collapse into a traditional chair, which may indeed feel comfortable, our core stabilizing muscles are too relaxed and tend to approach atrophy or muscle wasting. Continuous low level stimulation of these critical stabilizing soft tissues will definitely add to your core strength and you can expect a carryover effect to your other daily activities.

How is the CoreChair different from other ergonomic chairs?
Traditional ergonomic office chairs still include a tall back as a reflection of corporate advancement. Contrary to popular belief, tall backs serve little purpose other than a carry-over of prestige or an opportunity to lounge in a diminished functional position– relaxed (case in point: the iconic Aeron Chair by Herman Miller was originally designed as a chair for the aging population!). This allows the body to settle into a reclined position which is most cases results in poor alignment of the user’s body relative to their work station.

Armrests are another hazard to our health. Their only function lies in allowing for an inappropriately supported person to lean to one side to stabilize their upper body. Armrests are also the most common inappropriately adjusted features on an office chair. When they are too high they tend to push the shoulders high causing discomfort in the upper back and neck. When they are not fitted properly they tend to contribute to nerve impingement in the forearm and neck.


So what does CoreChair do differently?

CoreChair addresses the “cause” of poor posture and back pain by creating a more aggressive posterior pelvic support. It promotes optimal sitting posture because it embraces the pelvis with an aggressively shaped seat complimented by snug support at the top of the back of the pelvis, near your belt level. With the pelvis supported in this manner, the user experiences a natural balance of their spine from their pelvis to their head. Most people using traditional chairs either perch on the front edge of their seat or completely slump into the tall back, causing excessive demands on their musculoskeletal structure.

CoreChair eliminates the need for armrests by providing the foundation for a properly balanced seated position. Without armrests, CoreChair users are able to move freely throughout their workstation without the interference of armrests hitting their desks.


CoreChair provides a pivot point immediately beneath the users’ center of balance which provides natural movement in all directions up to a safe range of 14 degrees.

Will CoreChair really help my back pain?



The CoreChair was designed and developed by someone who truly understands the human body– Kinesiologist and Human-Movement Expert, Patrick Harrison. Unlike most office chairs that are designed to look a certain way, the CoreChair was designed with a research-based approach to address back pain, sitting discomfort, and sedentary behaviour.

The innovative pelvic support cushion (in conjunction with the sculpted seat cushion), works to realign your pelvis with your spine–creating the foundation for a healthy, balanced spine. Often when we experience back pain, our tendency is to rest up and stop the activity. However, moving on the CoreChar gradually works the back muscles in a controlled manner helping to avoid stiffness and alleviate pain. CoreChair combines optimal postural support and movement to create the perfect solution for sitting back pain.

In fact, a study completed by Memorial University concluded that participants sitting in the CoreChair adopted a more upright posture, experienced less back pain and stiffness and had enhanced blood flow when compared to sitting in a traditional office chair.

If for any reason the CoreChair doesn’t help your back pain, you can return it within 60 days for a full refund.

Can I try it before I buy it?
Selecting the right office chair is not something that can be accomplished in a brief trial. CoreChair is happy to offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee to allow sufficient time to experience the benefits of this unique sitting solution.

If CoreChair does not provide the sitting experience we know we can contact us and we will assist with any suggestions to optimize fit and function or we will arrange to have the chair picked up and returned.

In some instances, we may have an authorized CoreChair dealer who is able to provide a live demonstration.  Contact us for more details.

*Please see Return Policy for details.

*60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee is only offered on our CoreChair Classic and Sport models. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.