CoreChair Ambassadors

CoreChair ambassadors are healthcare professionals that see the benefits that CoreChair can offer. These individuals have shown a passion for the active sitting movement and have partnered with us to help spread the word!

CoreChair Ambassadors & Enthusiasts

Meet the people and the companies who stand behind our product. From desk jockies to health practitioners, our ambassadors and enthusiasts know how important active sitting is!

Lisa Borden, Business Development Consultant + Wellness Intelligence Therapist

Malaena Kelson, Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist

As a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist and Lash Artist of six years, Malaena loves to help other lash artists build healthy lifelong work habits, with improved posture and pain management tools.

Dr. Caleb Burgess

Specializes in helping active people and athletes of all ages reach their full potential in their sport or activity of choice while helping to bulletproof their bodies to stay injury-free and healthy.

Sarah Mariano

Sarah is a Fascial Stretch Specialist whose clients include celebrities, professional athletes, and the everyday mom.

Dr. David Lee, BA, BSc, DC Chiropractor, Masters ART, 

Dr. David Lee is a Chiropractor in Downtown Toronto.

Marni Wasserman

Marni Wasserman is a real food specialist and health strategist. Marni strives to enlighten people on the power of food and proper nutrition. Marni and her husband have a podcast together called The Ultimate Health Podcast.

Alfred Ball

Alfred is a fascial stretch therapist at Lifemoves. Lifemoves strives to get people moving with strength and confidence!

Sam Spinelli

Dr. Sam Spinelli

Doctor of Physical Therapy and a stretch and conditioning coach with experience training professional and Olympic athletes.

Dr. Tony Mork is an endoscopic spine specialist in California. Dr. Tony Mork’s mission is to provide his patients with a number of minimally invasive treatments for back and neck pain relief.

Dr. Jesse Chappus

Dr. Jesse Chappus is a Chiropractor and also the owner of The Ultimate Health Podcast.

David London, Online Coach

David London, also known as DeskBoundTherapy, is an online coach who helps Deskbound Professionals get stronger so they can overcome their pain and injuries.

BreakThrough Physical Therapy

BreakThrough Physical Therapy

BreakThrough Physical Therapy team helps people return to the things they most enjoy through in person and virtual care on a worldwide basis

CoreChair Enthusiasts

CoreChair Enthusiasts are the people who stand behind and represent our product. From desk jockies to health practitioners, our enthusiasts know how important active sitting is!

Sue B Zimmerman

Sue B. Zimmerman, also known as @TheInstagramExpert, is a leader in the Instagram marketing field. Sue specializes in helping business owners find success on Instagram.

Dr. Theresa Nicassio

Dr. Theresa Nicassio is a registered psychologist and wellness advocate in Vancouver, Canada who is highly committed to advocating for empowerment.

GoodLife Fitness

CoreChair and Goodlife Fitness have partnered up to include CoreChair in their exclusive GoodLife Rewards program.

Pelorus Financial Group

Pelorus financial group provides corporate and personal financial, insurance, and group benefit solutions.

Sabrina Bitton, CEO Moteki Living

A graduate from the International Academy of Design in Montreal, Sabrina has been practicing Residential & Commercial Interior Design for 30 years. She develops each design based on the unique personality and lifestyle of her clients.

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Other CoreChair Enthusiasts

Interested in becoming a CoreChair Ambassador or Enthusiast?