A phenomenon worth sharing is that CoreChair has a significant success rate for users with stubborn chronic back pain. The great news is that while it is a good solution for an existing problem, it is even better at preventing this problem in the first place.

After two years on the market it is very apparent from our customer feedback that the CoreChair design is extremely effective for those with back pain. As it should be.

As the principle designer, with a background in Kinesiology and previous success designing seating solutions for persons dependent on wheelchairs for mobility, my design objectives were focused on a healthy solution. Not just another chair that by the way, moves.

The therapeutic mantra is “motion is lotion” or, “where there is movement, there is health”.

The exercise ball as we know it today has become one of the most widely used therapeutic interventions as it introduces movement through instability. The biomechanics of sitting without optimal postural support clearly point to musculoskeletal instability, and the research that refers to sitting disease and the sedentary impact on our physiology as a result of not moving is well documented. Yet, many persons of influence assume that it is best prescribed for someone who is presenting some physical symptoms rather than prescribing solutions like this as a preventative option.

Most people never begin the journey to discover options such as this until they present symptoms themselves. Back pain symptoms are more readily identifiable and the stats suggest that 4 out of 5 of us experience at least one significant back injury in their life and a third of us are currently seeking some form of therapeutic intervention for back pain.

Sitting disease is often disguised amongst our general lifestyle of sedentary behavior.
As we should consider a healthy diet, good hydration and good sleep, we need to consider movement as a prerequisite to our model of good health.

Don’t wait for back pain to invade your life before you consider the value of movement.

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