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  • Ergonomic Active-Sitting Chair
  • Sculpted Seat optimizes Pressure Distribution and prevents sliding
  • Back rest works with the cushion shape to embrace your pelvis
  • Seat and Back harmonize to stabilize the pelvis to optimize balance and alignment of your spine. Ideal sitting posture.
  • Patented mechanism encourages healthy movement to build core strength, mobilize joints and stimulate circulation
  • Adjustable Resistance to control how much you move
  • Recommended for persons with pre-existing back pain
  • Durable, 3D knit stretch fabric cover with special traction feature
  • Comfortably seats those 5′ to 6’5″ tall with simple adjustments
  • Exceeds BIFMA/ ANSI durability and safety requirements
  • NEAT Certified by the Mayo Clinic
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 8 Year Warranty

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The CoreChair Classic is an innovative office chair designed for those who value both comfort and health in their workspace. This ergonomically advanced chair goes beyond traditional seating solutions by offering a unique combination of features that promote the benefits of active sitting and optimal sitting posture.

Ergonomic Support: Designed with input from leading health and wellness professionals, the CoreChair Classic provides exceptional pelvic and lumbar support. Its contoured seat design harmonizes with the low back support and cradles the pelvis to align the spine, reducing back pain and promoting an optimal posture.

Sustainable and Durable Design: Constructed with high-quality materials, the CoreChair Classic is built to last and indeed exceeds the BIFMA/ANSI durability requirements of 300,000 to easily pass 1 million cycles. It also reflects a commitment to sustainability, featuring recyclable components and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. This durable design not only ensures longevity but also supports a healthier planet. Delivered to you in reusable cotton bags and recyclable fiber packaging. 

Sleek and Modern Aesthetic: With its sleek design and modern aesthetic, the CoreChair Classic complements any office environment. It is a stylish addition to your workspace that does not compromise on functionality or health benefits. Of greater significance, this chair is designed to make you look good when you are seated with a comfortable upright posture.

The CoreChair Classic is more than just an office chair; it is a wellness tool and therapeutic device that transforms the way you sit. Whether you are working from home or in an office, the CoreChair Classic will enhance your seating experience, promote your health, and support your body’s natural movement. Experience the difference with the CoreChair Classic – where comfort meets health in the most dynamic way.

What’s the difference between the CoreChair Classic & CoreChair Tango? Watch the video below to find out!

180 reviews for Classic

  1. Tara (verified owner)

    To date, we’ve ordered a total of seven classic chairs and my colleagues and I have been very happy with them and the results. They’ve been tremendous posture correctors, and one of my colleagues who experiences lower back issues has experienced great relief. I’ve been working in various office chairs for close to 9 years and can confidently say that this is an excellent option! Our office values freedom of movement throughout the workday and these chairs offer a great way to extend this value to more sedentary positions. Thank you for having a clear website that highlights the purpose and variety of chairs you offer, along with the mission of CoreChair. Having been a former high performance athlete, knowing that there is a sports medicine and kinesiology background in the creation of these chairs really resonated with me and my team!

  2. Joanne (verified owner)

    I liked that it is Canadian owned, well certified, and ensure I am active while seated. The assembly was super easy as guided by the videos. So far the chair has been great.
    I may consider purchasing a perch at some point.

  3. WILLIAM (verified owner)

    We own three already and this is our fourth. Staff love them!

  4. Dr Davis Lindsay (verified owner)

    easy ordering and great chair. I already have 3 and just ordered 2 more!

  5. Rosa Pasquantonio (verified owner)

    Excellent experience buying my core chair Very comfortable! I love it.

  6. Eve Weinberg (verified owner)

    Chair, company and their people are all top notch awesome!

  7. Marlene Bottner (verified owner)

    Excellent product knowledge, pleasure to deal with.

  8. Bryan Cober (verified owner)

    Very easy to order a new chair for my coworker. I have had my chair for +-5 years and absolutely love it!

  9. sophie (verified owner)

    I have lower back pain and this chair has helped me maintain good posture while sitting. With better posture my pain has lessened.

  10. Anne-Lucie (verified owner)

    Best chair on the market. We’ve purchased our first one, then everyone fighting over it. Then purchased 2 more.

  11. Martin (verified owner)

    Best chair by far. Saved my back. Feel lucky to have found it. And I seldom write these kinds of reviews. Thank you team. Covid meant I wasn’t walking as much… my back got all screwed up and this made a big difference helping get me healed.

  12. Elizabeth Culley (verified owner)

    Just received my chair and have been sitting in it for a week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My back already feels better. I can’t wait to see how I feel in the weeks to come. So comfortable and the material is nice- I ordered the classic.

  13. Paula Lewis (verified owner)

    Ordering was easy. Chair is sturdy, well-made, and comfortable. I use it on the highest movement setting. I also appreciated the environmentally friendly packaging.

  14. Jessie Peck (verified owner)

    As a massage therapist, death doula and Body code practioner.
    The process of buying and receiving the core chair was one of excellence in action. I have a learning disability. I get overwhelmed immediately when there are instructions. I was surprised and appreciated that they sent, written and video instructions, before the arrival of the chair so I could prepare myself and watch and read the instructions a few times before to avoid overwhelm. They just had the perfect amount of communication around everything that needed to happen before and upon arrival. I love the chair. I have purchased beautiful artisan wood ergonomic swivel chairs from Maine previously for my massage practice but found as beautiful as they were; I broke two seats and a client broke the last seat. I put too much wear and tear on the wood seats due to my weight and my need to angle my body when sitting. They always replaced the seat but I clearly needed to find another alternative. I also needed a better alternative than an exercise ball I have used for years to sit by the bedside or an armchair of elders I am caring for and during death processes. As someone that works in the realm of hospice, I spend relentless hours without ergonomically correct sitting support at deathbeds hours that are a true privilege to spend with a human being, dying. I am also an Emotion and Body code practioner and doing kinesiology during distance sessions; the mobility and ergonomics of this chair is a dream. This is the perfect seat to be able to lean at odd angles and move freely at a bedside. Thank you for solving this issue of needing a sturdy, ergonomic chair that allows flexibility and movement!

  15. miguel mantilla (verified owner)

    Excellent chair as advertised. Prompt shipping and it was very easy to put together. Huge difference in my sitting posture.

  16. kylie martin (verified owner)

    An incredible product! I never thought I’d ever say, “I don’t mind sitting at my desk”! And the customer service is exceptional.

  17. Deanna McDermott (verified owner)

    What a fantastic chair! Because I am sitting with proper support, I feel good and am able to work comfortably. Invest in yourself and get a Core Chair. You’ll love it!

  18. Heidi

    Love my Core Chair!
    The Core Chair has been an excellent addition to my work day. I had significant lower back pain before I started using it. After only a week of use, it was much better. I highly recommend this chair. And it’s fun to sit on too!

  19. JULIE SWEET (verified owner)

    I LOVE my CoreChair! So glad I decided to invest in this chair, I found sitting for hours to worst and went through so many chairs and found them all uncomfortable. The movement keeps me engaged in my work and active all at the same time. Just buy the dang chair!

  20. Heather Williams (verified owner)

    I love my Core Chair!! I purchased mine in May 2019. After 2+ years of use I will never go back to another chair at work. With my old chair, even with adjustments, I would get soreness in my lower back most days. My old chair also had arm rests and I thought I would miss them but I don’t! (they promoted bad posture). The Core Chair actively engages my core muscles throughout the day and it is SO comfortable! If you’re looking for an ergonomic chair, I would highly recommend the Core Chair.

  21. Robyn Henke (verified owner)

    One phone call, several adjustments equals 5-star rating
    I received my Classic CoreChair for Christmas. I followed all the videos’ advice for adjusting the chair, but I still had an issue with hip/knee pain and my ankles swelling while using the chair. It got to the point I could only sit in the chair for 10 minutes before the pain started and I had to switch back to my old office chair. My last resort before sending the chair back was to contact CoreChair. I sent them an email explaining my issues and if there were any other adjustments I could try. I got a response back almost immediately and was asked to send a picture of me sitting at my desk, from the side. I sent a pictures and waited for a response. I received a call from Patrick Harrison himself and we talked for a good 20-30 minutes. He gave me several adjustments to do with the chair and one adjustment to make with my desk setup. The next day, I gave my new setup a go and 4 hours later, NO PAIN and NO SWELLING! This is amazing and I am still in awe of the customer service. Thank you so much!

  22. Elizabeth Price-Ramos (verified owner)

    Review for my 2nd Classic Core . This chair is extremely supportive and really well designed.
    I absolutely recommend this chair for upper and lower back tension .

  23. Rene (verified owner)

    The core chairs are amazing! I have both kinds and interchange them throughout the work day. Between the two chairs, adjustable desk, and cubi I try and stay as active as possible during such a sedentary job ?

  24. sharon witzu (verified owner)

    whoever rated this chair as poor or bad ..they must not have had the chair adjusted properly and I strongly urge you to speak to the technical person at the company. He is great and will walk you through how the chair functions and how to set it up to get the benefit. I didn’t have mine set up properly and he helped me tremendously. The chair ,once set properly and once you sit in it correctly, you will feel a huge benefit. They understand anatomy and requirements of the body to have certain contact points with the chair. If you do not have them help you and expect to sit on the chair in any incorrect fashion you will not feel any benefit and even feel worse. Plse contact Core chair for their help. Just tweaking the way your body fits the chair makes a 1000% difference. I had spinal surgery and it is definitely helping me.

  25. Lorna Jacobson (verified owner)

    Back Pain Gone!
    My office purchased a CoreChair for me when I was experiencing severe back pain. I found normal chairs encouraged bad posture and contributed to my pain. My CoreChair makes me sit up straight (using my core!) and I can actually use it to swivel my hips when I feel l need movement. I also like that it does not take up as much space – I have a sit/stand desk so I can push it to the side and have room to stand.
    I love that you can control the tension and the chair is very comfortable. I was worried when I chose it but am VERY happy I took the leap!

  26. Linda Smiley (verified owner)

    I really like my CoreChair Classic. I was having a hard time deciding between the Classic and the Tango, but am glad I got the Classic. I keep the adjustment set to the maximum amount of movement, and don’t find it hard at all to be perfectly still if I want to be, or to move a lot, which I do frequently.
    Overall, the materials feel high quality, and the recycled fabric is quite nice. The casters roll easily over various floor coverings. The small back provides just enough support to sit for long periods of time comfortably. It did take a bit of getting used to, and I alternated between the CoreChair and my regular chair for a few weeks, but no longer need to do that.
    My one comment is that I find the dip in the seat at the sit bones to be a bit too deep and wide for my small framed behind, but solved the problem by cutting a piece of 1/2″ closed cell foam and placing it in the deepest part of the dip, which provides the additional support I need to make sitting more comfortable.
    I am really glad to have this chair!

  27. Taraleen (verified owner)

    I love my Core Chair! It is very comfortable and allows me to keep moving while sitting for long periods. This chair is the best chair I have had a chance to experience! The seat is soft and supportive at the same time and the moving base keeps me feeling relaxed and flexible. I have not found these benefits in any other chair. So I am extremely happy with my Core Chair! I actually have two – one at the office and one at home. I highly recommend this chair to anyone looking for solid support and the opportunity to keep active when they sit!

  28. Anton Bodor (verified owner)

    Great chair with excellent customer service!

  29. Annayah Jean Fernandez Rivera (verified owner)

    Best Chair! I ever had!

  30. Colleen Cruickshank (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting until I was sure of my experience before submitting my review. Until I purchased a Classic CoreChair a couple of months ago, I’d been using an Evolution ball chair for years. For me, good sitting posture, free movement and mobility at my desk were already a given.

    Over the last year, though, I’ve been having back issues and sciatic-like pain in one hip and leg, and my chiropractor often commented that my SI joints were slightly misaligned. Those musculoskeletal issues prompted my online search for a chair that promised lower back support along with the mobility and postural support I was used to.

    The Classic, along with daily targeted exercise, is helping. That said, I do find the pressure of the chair’s back hard against my sensitive spine, so I soften the pressure with an inflatable lumbar cushion (or lean forward). This is not a chair that encourages relaxation, but I think my body is the better for it.

  31. Ann Frazier (verified owner)

    I have been wanting to order this chair ever since I tried it out at my chiropractor’s office. I purchased it due to receiving a new job where I’d be sitting for the majority of my shift. This chair has relieved my back and leg pains tremendously compared to the traditional computer chair I was sitting on. Highly recommend Core Chair for anyone suffering from an autoimmune disease and/ or chronic inflammatory diseases.

  32. Robin (verified owner)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my CoreChair! I’ve had it for about 3 months now and have had NO lower back pain, NO neck or upper back pain and am so happy with how comfortable I feel sitting in it for hours at a time. I thought I’d miss a higher back rest but not at all. I never get a pressure point on my butt, and I feel far less tired or fidgety due to discomfort which would happen with my other office chairs.

    The chair came quickly, beautifully packed, and it was easy and quick to put together. I have never spent more than a couple of hundred dollars on a chair so this was a large investment for me – but will likely go down as one of the best investments I’ve made in my physical and mental health in years.

  33. Val (verified owner)

    Incredible customer service! I sent an email to support with a question before buying and received a response that they were out of the office. Then a few minutes later I received a reply from a person!! They still check their email when they are out on holiday. Highly recommend shopping with CoreChair.

  34. Catherine DellaPenta (verified owner)

    My back thanks you!
    This Core Chair is wonderful. I really like the curvature of the cushion and especially like the “back rest” which is really a lumbar rest. I love moving in it as well and it has made working at my computer a completely different experience.

  35. Karen Orlando, B.Sc. PT (verified owner)

    Yay for keeping the human body in mind!
    I have fallen in love with this chair. Finally a chair has been designed with the human body in mind…to help position the lumbosacral junction to encourage good posture that is not forced and movement of the spine while sitting.
    Goodbye to the kitchen chairs for all my patients!

  36. Lori (verified owner)

    I love my Core Chair even more than I hoped I would
    I’ve been in touch with Core Chair customer service a few times over the past 6-8 months because I was hoping for a chair with a height range that incorporates both the small and large sizes. I’ve had some increased revenue in my business lately and finally decided to order my Core Chair with the Black Friday sale. I reached out by Chat again to confirm the availability of the 2-stage gas chair, they responded positively very quickly and I hit submit on my order. What’s even more incredible is that it arrived 3 days later on a Sunday! I love it even more than I hoped I would! I wish I had ordered it months ago!

  37. Frank (verified owner)

    Tools are just that …. tools. Even a great tool is only a game changer when you use it correctly and master the possibilities. CoreChair is a great tool and active sitting is a super activity for core strength maintenance and low back structural stability. I’m an elder (68 years old) musician with low back, shoulder and knee issues (joint replacements) that were keeping me away from my instrument. After about 3 weeks working with the CoreChair I’m able to sit and play/create longer without much of the nagging stiffness and pain that was stopping my ability to focus and enjoy my playing. I’ve taken the extra time to explore its design and tailor settings and movements to my unique physiology and biomechanics. Take time to use, understand and adjust to this tool. I did. I’m playing comfortably again.

  38. Andrew Scopick (verified owner)

    This chair is a game changer and I can’t wait to offer it to my clients and my community. I’ve noticed increased energy levels, focus and concentration while also seeing decreased back stiffness at days end. Worth every penny!!!

  39. Mary Moore (verified owner)

    After I ordered my chair, the company did a great job in staying in touch. The product got delivered quickly and was well packaged. I ordered the Core Chair Classic and it feels like a quality chair and helped my hips feel better the very first day! I sit for long hours and am a graphic designer so was initially concerned that the wiggle factor would be too much, but I can lock that down with a lever and it is the perfect amount to just move and stretch while feeling supported but not jostled. I highly recommend this product!

  40. Jennifer Crossland (verified owner)

    We just received our second core chair at my husband’s chiropractic office, and I could not be happier. After changing careers from standing all day to sitting all day, my lower back was not happy.

    Core Chair has helped my angry lower back and it’s so good I recommend it to all of our patients.

  41. sharon witzu (verified owner)

    Excellent interactions.proficient and caring. Its always a pleasure doing business with people who create great items like the core chair for us in need…especially when its a labour of love! It really shows!

  42. Thomas Tercek (verified owner)

    This chair is excellent: keeps my back aligned and the core active throughout the day. Padding is soft, and accurately contoured so that no pressure points flare up over time, when sitting.
    They key differentiator for me, is the subtle lower back support that is there to provide that subtle support you need to keep proper alignment when working.

    This chair is so comfortable, I only wish I owned it sooner. Everyone needs one of these. Its like working on a cloud.

  43. Louise Wiebe (verified owner)

    I work out of my home and do about 4-5 hours a day at my desk. I have hip and back issues from osteoporosis and arthritis and am working with a physiotherapist. I needed something that would cause more movement than just daily stretches and getting up out of my chair. I am starting to notice less pain and more movement in the hips since getting the chair. My therapist has started noticing i am starting to get more movement now as well. The chair is not going to solve all the issues but it is becoming a major component in my daily regiment to keep me from losing mobility.

  44. John M (verified owner)

    One year later…
    It’s been about a year since I purchased my CoreChair. When I first got it and started using it, I thought I had done something wrong in putting it together. It just didn’t “feel” right. But it wasn’t the chair that wasn’t “right” it was my body and posture that was wrong. I had complained of lower back pain and various aches but it wasn’t until a few months into using the CoreChair that I noticed a change, in my posture and my overall health. Seems all those years in that comfy desk chair had actually been bad for me. Now, the CoreChair fits me like a glove and my body feels so much better – I don’t get those nagging aches and pains and lower back pain that I had before.

  45. Joanne (verified owner)

    Customer service was wonderful! I had an issue when I placed my order and directly spoke with a team member. She was kind and asked how I found core chair and assured me that my order was all set and would leave the warehouse the following day.

    My chair arrived a few days later and was super easy to put together. It’s so comfortable and rolls nicely under my standing desk when I raise it up. The chair is an investment but has been so worth it for me, I no longer have back pain from sitting on my dining room chair for hours on end while I work.

  46. Reynolds Young (verified owner)

    I am a 78 year old golfer, executive coach and constant sitter when not on the golf course with lower back issues for decades. I received my CoreChair Classic a few days ago and am completely taken with it comfort and agile support. When you take the correct sitting position, the chair does the rest. A real “find” in sitting comfort!!!

  47. Sunil S. (verified owner)

    I did a lot of research on “ERGO” task chairs. Including calling Corechair several times and having Patrick Harrison the inventor pu the phone. He was very patient listening to me and not pushy trying to “sell” it.

    Finally I bought one. It’s better than the other well known name brand task chairs I tried out. Would definitely recommend It.

  48. Gabrielle Bouchard (verified owner)

    I was amazed at how quickly I received my order at my doorstep; the unboxing and setup process was very simple. Most of all, the level of comfort I get from this chair really is next level after the initial adjustment period is through. I love this chair and am looking forward to reaping the benefits for myself and spreading the word to others. Thank you CoreChair!

  49. Shirley (verified owner)

    The chair was easy to assemble and adjusted well to fit my frame. The materials feel well thought-out and I happily use my chair whenever I work from home now.

  50. Leslie Barker (verified owner)

    I’ve had chronic pain for two years and was ready to leave my office job because sitting at my desk and even standing with a standing desk was becoming unbearable. CoreChair, along with physical therapy to regain functional movement, seems to be turning things around! Being able to move while sitting is helping so much. My pelvis/hips are moving much more freely now. I do feel that CoreChair is helping with that. I think I can keep working which is a huge relief!!

  51. Shannon L (verified owner)

    The Best Chair I’ve Ever Sat In
    As a graduate student I was initially wary about the price, but I can honestly say this chair is worth every penny, especially for someone who sits for a good portion of the day. I have problems with venous insufficiency and muscular weakness in my legs from an injury, but even after just a couple of weeks I am seeing improvements on both issues. I also didn’t have any “break-in” period with the chair, and luckily found it comfortable right from the get-go. It is very customizable and easy to find a comfy yet active sitting position. Highly recommend to anyone reading this review!

  52. Peyman Moeini (verified owner)

    Incredibly impressed! CoreChair has transformed my life by alleviating chronic left pelvic pain that plagued me for years. I used to endure constant discomfort, exacerbated during long drives or when seated in my expensive, but uncomfortable, gaming chair. I resorted to frequent massages and contorting myself on the couch or bed for relief. Initially, I attributed the pain to a snowboarding incident many years ago, as suggested by numerous physiotherapists who cost me a small fortune.

    However, after just 10 days with CoreChair, my chronic pain has vanished—something I never believed possible. My body is positively adapting to this chair, providing me with a sensation akin to the nightly stretches I used to do before bed, but now, I enjoy this special treat for a full 8 hours every day. It feels like undergoing 8 hours of physiotherapy daily.

    I’m no expert, but I believe the chair’s unique base design, in addition to its excellent back support, plays a pivotal role in this transformation. It prevents your hips from adopting a detrimental position during those long work hours. When it comes to health and something you use daily, I am willing to invest my money wisely, and CoreChair has proven to be an invaluable investment. Thank you, CoreChair, for this exceptional chair and for improving my quality of life!

  53. Lars Foldager

    Great chair — I have the Classic where you can adjust the settings for how loose the tilt feature is, which is so great — it keeps your core muscles working and your joint moving, so you don’t slouch.
    I feel a significant improvement in my lover back, hips and even knees after starting to use this chair.
    It’s important to learn how to use the chair, then you’ll feel the improvement.
    I only use this chair, but if you have serious issues with the above mentioned areas, maybe you want to have a more regular office chair, so you can use this chair on and off in the beginning.
    If you use it right, eventually it will help you get better.
    Also, I can only recommend that you get an ergonomic [checkup] for your whole workplace if you, like me, work many hours a day in front of a screen.

  54. Melanie Tamayo (verified owner)

    Very [satisfied] with my CoreChair purchase. I used to feel quite lethargic after work and sitting in my office chair for around 8 h. After using CoreChair, I do feel more energetic and can proceed to evening activities right away whereas before I felt like I just want to nap after work. The other reason I bought the chair is to help me with some mild tailbone pain. From my experience so far, the pain did decrease since using the chair but is not [completely] gone. That being said that issue but might be also not entirely related to my sitting habits. I appreciated a lot Patrick’s personal guidance when setting up the chair within my work station to make sure it all aligns ergonomically. Overall, the chair certainly is an investment, but if you are sitting for long hours a day and want to take care of your health, I highly recommend.

  55. Amar Rehal (verified owner)

    Excellent customer support, fast shipping and easy assembly. Have much less lower back pain from previous standard office chair. Thought I would need some neck or armrest but neither are needed because my body and mind are engaged while sitting. Also, had a personal support call with the business owner to make further adjustments that avoided my posture from slumping over. Recommended!

  56. Matt C. (verified owner)

    I purchased my chair back in December of 2019 and have been using it M-F for about 8-10 hours a day at my job. I love this chair just as much if not more than the first few days of use. It took me a few days to get used to the freedom of movement but I have used it on the “loosest” setting for years now. My core has stayed toned and I have never had back stress a single time using this chair. I’d like to say I don’t notice when I’m using it… but I sure do notice when I’m not. I had to work at a different desk a few times and using the “normal” desk chairs really helped me notice how nice my Core Chair is. Yes.. you may think it looks odd at first, but the design, function and build quality are so top notch that it all makes sense after a while. I love the large seat and the chair feet are parallel to the ground, not sloped like so many other brands. I have the classic and the only thing I would change is maybe getting the sport to further invest in myself and my office ergonomics. Thank you Core Chair. I truly value your product!

  57. Joanne – Syracuse, NY (verified owner)

    After two spinal surgeries, I had chronic pain which flared up especially if I had to sit to edit my radio show, which I do from home. The Classic CoreChair saved me…and my spine. I even sit in it to read the news online!

  58. Luca – Toronto (verified owner)

    It has definitely helped my back and hip pain.

  59. Eric Palmer

    Love the chair , it started to make squeaking noise, so replacement part was sent, still squeaky, so Patrick replaced the chair and all is well. Great to have a Canadian company stand behind their products . Did i say i love the chair? *****. Eric , Kingston, Ontario

  60. Shirley – Toronto (verified owner)

    CoreChair! Such a pleasure to sit in comfort and be good to my old body! I have had my chair for several months now and there isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful for it. As a senior who sits a lot in a day, this chair is my best friend. The care and customer service provided by the CoreChair folks is also second to none. A Canadian company too, how good is that?!

  61. Guilluame (verified owner)

    This chair allows me to sit for long periods of time. Following a motorcycle accident, this was the only chair I could use to sit for more than 30 minutes.

  62. Anita – New York (verified owner)

    I like that it has a massively comfortable cushion and the ability to move while I sit. I also very much liked that you considered my height to determine the appropriate chair.

  63. Mike – Maryland (verified owner)

    I liked the first one so much I had to buy one for my wife!

  64. Ingrid – Tennessee (verified owner)

    I know it sounds unbelievable, but I feel like my lower back problem is improving because I am a) using the muscles of my core and b) I am sitting on my sit bones instead of my tailbone – I love the deep sculpted indent for that reason because I used to feel like my lower spine was being compacted from the constant pressure for long periods of time. I know it sounds like hyperbole, but the MOMENT I sat in this chair, I knew it was going to change my life. Thank you so much for creating this miracle.

  65. Lana & Owen – British Columbia (verified owner)

    We’ve only had our chairs a few days and already notice a difference. So comfortable and supportive on our lumbar even the hips feel better. Installation was easy and appreciated the online tutorial. Look forward to the next few months of working from home. Many thanks from two satisfied Canadian customers.

  66. Regina – California (verified owner)

    Love my chair! Loved your landing page video of people literally dancing in their chairs. That sold me right away.

  67. Sonja – Toronto, Ontario (verified owner)

    First impression is great and I LOVE that you didn’t wrap it in plastic!!!! I’ll definitely use these great canvas bags!
    This is a quality, well-made chair. And so far, after 3 days of using it, I’m really happy with it. The “active” sitting is fantastic and I don’t miss having a high back at all!

  68. Ashley – Arizona (verified owner)

    I’m an online English teacher, so I spend the majority of my day sitting behind my computer. I started looking for a new computer chair because I was experiencing a lot of back pain and couldn’t really get comfortable. I also needed something that could move with me while I was teaching. The CoreChair was exactly what I needed! Since receiving the chair, I have felt an improvement in my back pain and discomfort during the day. I also find I don’t need to shift around every 15 minutes like I used to with my previous chair. I love that you can control the tension of the seat so you can decide how much movement you want depending on your activity. The best part of my experience though has been the incredible customer service I’ve received. The staff at CoreChair went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with my purchase and even took the time to call me and patiently walk me through adjusting the chair. I’m so happy I made this purchase and supported a Canadian business!

  69. Tina G, Saskatchewan (verified owner)

    It was much more comfortable than I expected. I’ve only had it a week, but so far, impressed.

  70. Randy Haas,Joplin MO (verified owner)

    My wife purchased one and after sitting in it, I had to have one of my own!

  71. Cathy Gray (verified owner)

    It’s comfortable, helps your posture and works your core – what’s not to love!

  72. Casie Salikin, Enderby BC (verified owner)

    Quite comfy – feel supported

  73. Jennifer Roberts, Springfield, OH (verified owner)

    Comfortable and I’m not as stiff when sitting for a while.

  74. Mitchell Maglio, North Carolina, US (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and easy installation. The seat is really comfortable out of the box, and the pelvic support is surprisingly effective. Casters roll smooth (even on carpet), and the levels of resistance are great!

  75. curlisue (verified owner)

    I didn’t think this would be comfortable from the picture. I thought I would be uncomfortable not having a high back. I was really surprised how comfortable the chair is and how less stiff I feel. It’s only been one day, but it’s already a positive change. I really like the chair. I have had back pain all of my life due to an injury when I was young. Now that I”m getting older, sitting all day is getting harder. Seems like this chair is going to help that.

  76. MATTHEW KELLY (verified owner)

    Fantastic, well-made, and effective product. Purchased a CoreChair almost two years ago. After experiencing significant lower back pain from sitting long days at work in standard office chairs, I began looking for an alternative seating-type. Through this I learned about active seating, which in turn ultimately led me to CoreChair. After extensive research, I purchased one. In less than a month my lower back discomfort was gone, and the continual abdominal engagement gave me greater energy throughout the day. I have since purchased a CoreChair for my wife, and convinced my sister and a friend to buy ones, too. Their reactions have consistently been like mine. The ball-mount is adjustable, so it doesn’t take a great deal of skill to get used to the chair. And though the back rest is low, I find I don’t find myself leaning back much anymore, though when I do, it still works. I haven’t tried the exercises that one can do using a CoreChair, so can’t say much about their effectiveness or ease. Nevertheless, I can’t recommend the chair highly enough.

  77. Cyndi Blasses, Apple (verified owner)

    This chair is amazing. I was a little skeptical, but I read the reviews. I suffer from long term back injuries. I have sciatica flare up and the colder months are especially hard on me. This chair has alleviated a great deal of the pain I experience. I’ve recommended it to many of my peers.

  78. Jill Kirwan, National Arts Centre Orchestra, Ottawa, Canada (verified owner)

    As a professional orchestral musician for many years, sitting for long periods of time while practicing and performing is routine…
    My old chairs were hard and uncomfortable ,and I found it difficult to sit for any length of time without getting up and moving around.
    After trying out the Core Chair for a week, I am sold on it…
    The lumbar support is excellent and can be adjusted ,and the contoured cushion is so very comfortable and supportive ,that I look forward to heading to the practice room each day!!
    There is a resistance lever that can make the cushion seat shift from looser to more sturdy,which is great for exercising…
    You also can find videos online with a personal trainer that one can access and exercise with…so this is indeed a two part chair!!!
    I love my Core Chair and highly recommend it !

  79. Linda Babulic, OTTAWA, Ontario (verified owner)

    With my improved posture my arm stopped hurting.

  80. Amy Schulick, Vancouver, BC (verified owner)

    Can I just say… I LOVE MY CORECHAIR! The movement is subtle, yet fantastic. The low back support feels great and I no longer experience lower back pain from sitting all day. In addition, the seat cushion is so incredibly comfortable. 5-star purchase!

  81. ALEXANDRU NEDEL, EU (verified owner)

    It’s fun to sit/move on the CoreChair, yet it feels safe (does not make me worry that it could topple)!

  82. B.D, Texas (verified owner)

    Very good desk chair. I’m only not giving it 5 stars because I never give things a 5 star rating…

  83. Timothy Wilson, Toronto (verified owner)

    5 STAR!! All the way.

  84. Leo Tripp, Toronto, ON (verified owner)

    I purchased this chair to try and help with my sciatica nerve pain and i’m pleased to say that my pain has significantly decreased and I can sit down for longer than an hour at a time.

  85. Kelly Andonosky, PA (verified owner)

    Took some getting used to but overall love the way it feels especially on my low back.

  86. Bobby Wolfson (verified owner)

    I’ve had a corechair for 4 years. Use it daily at the office. Helps to keep my lower back loose and hips from being sore. Had a minor issue with my chair – height adjustment lever broke off. Contacted them and Patrick came to my office to replace the lever. Upon inspecting the chair and realizing it was an older version, he decided to give me a new model version of the chair which was delivered a month later. Great customer service. Very happy with this purchase.

  87. Michelle Levy, Ontario (verified owner)

    I have used my Core Chair for a week now and I absolutely love it!!!! For years, sitting in a standard office chair all day has contributed to poor posture as well as chronic back and neck pain. My Core Chair supports my position in a way that is comfortable and relaxing. I love the way I am free to move around and I don’t have to think about having good posture. It just happens without me having to work for it. The added benefit is that I am constantly moving and working my core all day long. Thank you CORE CHAIR for changing my workday experience!!! 5 STARS

  88. Anneli Janssens, Alberta, ON (verified owner)

    I love the Core Chair! I sit at the computer all day for my job and am very stiff and sore on a regular basis. The Core Chair makes me sit in a proper posture and I felt the difference right away. I wasn’t stiff and sore after and even had more energy!
    This is the best investment I’ve made and I’m so happy with my decision to purchase it. I highly recommend this to anyone who works a sedentary desk job! Superb!

  89. Shirley Plant, Ottawa, ON (verified owner)

    I love my CoreChair! As a nutritionist I sit a lot at my desk working on menu plans and doing online nutritional consults. As someone who suffers with fibromyalgia, I found that I was rarely comfortable on my old computer chair. Enter CoreChair. This chair is so comfortable, it supports my pelvis, strengthens my core and improves my posture. It also allows me to move while sitting which is the best antidote for Fibrommyalgia!

  90. Shelby Hitchcock, Picton, ON (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this chair! Was in an intense 2 year school program that involved a lot of long days and nights of studying, and this chair was the reason I could do that without feeling stiff or any pain from sitting all day. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to invest in a good chair for back to school!

  91. RLinther153, TX (verified owner)

    Great chair although I just decided it wasn’t right for me. I ended up returning it and to my delight, it was a very easy process.

  92. Rick Hickman, Whitby, Ontario (verified owner)

    Bought my Mum this chair for her birthday and she loves it. Even brings it out to use when we play euchre! It’s been about 6 months and appears to have no signs of wear and that’s with 8-12 hours a day of use. CoreChair was true to their word when another family member returned their chair, the only reason for the return was pre-existing health issues that cause issues in just about any chair so far!

    The new offerings coming look wonderful. Given the experience and interactions I’ve had thus far with the company, I would love to try a leaning stool. Don’t hesitate to work with this group, great people so far, great product and better support and customer service after the sale is complete!

  93. Carleigh (verified owner)

    I love the core chair! i have better posture and better core strength and don’t feel stiff after sitting all day.

  94. M. Faulkner – Niagara Falls Canada

    I absolutely love this chair!!!!

  95. Andrew Rush (verified owner)

    I sit a lot at work and struggled to be comfortable. And when I found a comfortable position, I could only stay in it for 5 minutes before I could feel strain in my back and legs as I was leaning to one side or the other.

    I bought a CoreChair and immediately noticed how it forced me to have better posture, alleviating my back pain and increasing the strength in my core. And two of my colleagues noticed the same thing after borrowing my chair for a day and bought one for themselves.

  96. Linda, Mount Forest, ON (verified owner)

    I LOVE my new CoreChair! I don’t like to still for long periods of time, but I can keep working and rocking all day long in the CoreChair. As someone who perpetually squirms and fidgets in other chairs, CoreChair facilitates healthy movement throughout my day. I’m so happy with the relief I feel in my back and legs.

  97. Debbie Henhoeffer, Waterloo ON

    I have been using my new Core Chair for two weeks and love it. Sat back on my old office chair to compare and can’t believe the difference. Not sure how I sat on that old chair for so many years.

  98. Nadia English, Ontario (verified owner)

    Active sitting is a game changer. No stiffness and better awareness of posture has lead to a happier back.

  99. Dr. Praveena Asokan, MBChB (verified owner)

    The ergonomics are fantastic… the build quality is top notch and the 12 year warranty is the icing on the cake.

  100. Cory Rodriquez, New York (verified owner)

    I always try and do what I can to improve my posture and work on any imbalances I have. I noticed that the current chair I was using while working at the computer just did not do anything to support my posture and instead made it worse. This is when I decided to try the Core Chair and not only is it the most functional chair I have used, but it has completely night and day at keeping my posture in line. I don’t mind sitting in this chair for hours If I have to, which is something I am not used to with any chair!

  101. Emmett Johnston, Toronto, ON (verified owner)

    Your chair is the only chair I’ve ever sat in that allows my hip with a torn labrum to stop hurting and thus not get inflamed from remaining in a seated position. Thanks.

  102. Perfect Stride PT, Physiotherapy Clinic, New York (verified owner)

    We had the opportunity to try out the Core Chair here at Perfect Stride PT (physiotherapy clinic). First off, let’s talk about perfect posture. Our spines are designed to bend, extend, and rotate. If we have chair that force us into one position or posture we haven’t been in for a long period of time, it is normal to feel achy and stiff. “Your next posture is your best posture.” When your postural stabilizers and core musculature isn’t challenged on a daily basis, those muscles can have decreased strength and endurance, and even atrophy. This chair definitely promoted core activation, especially as we moved in the chair. If you sit for long hours at a time, this is a good option as it challenges your core musculature. We liked how there were varying levels of support and stability that can be easily adjusted.

  103. Mary Neal, ON (verified owner)

    To my delight, I find that the design of the chair helps me to maintain far better posture than ever before when seated on my previous desk chair. I love that I can rotate my core while sitting and can stretch back safely and comfortably.

  104. Nicole Bradbury, ON

    I’m a nursing student and I spend a lot of time sitting, studying, reading and writing papers. The CoreChair is the most amazing office chair I’ve ever used. It’s comfortable and really does help my back during those long study sessions. I would recommend it to anyone who sits for long hours, as you really do have to be considerate of your body!

  105. Kevin Vecmanis, Vancouver (verified owner)

    I founded a fintech start-up in downtown Vancouver and I spend a lot of hours sitting – whether I’m coding, researching markets, reading, or interacting with customers. I used to sit in a rock-solid, rosewood chair that I took from my kitchen table but it was really starting to negatively impact my productivity.

    I like to stay in shape – I run every morning and workout as much as I can. I’m also aware that sitting too much in the wrong position can really “undo” a lot of the benefits you get from daily exercise.

    I was introduced to the core-chair from a super-knowledgeable sales rep – a former iron man competitor and all-around athlete. He’s someone who really understands biomechanics and preaches best-in-class health practices. When he told me I’m negatively impacting my health by spending all day slouched over coding, I listened!

    I spend about 12 hours a day coding these days, and I’ve probably spent over 1000 hours in my core-chair. The stiffness and soreness I used to get from sitting all day is gone. My favourite thing about the chair is that it has really made me cognizant of my posture and sitting position – it has a weird way of self-correcting your posture.

    If you spend any amount of time sitting, I can attest to how amazing of a product the core chair it. Talk to Tristan and get him to change your life!

  106. Suzzy Brown, B.C (verified owner)

    My chiro recommended this chair to me about a month ago and i’m very happy with it.

  107. Nicole Judice Campbell, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

    I’ve talked to two different people in the last two weeks about how much I love my Core Chair. It truly has made a difference in my lower back in particular. And it is super comfortable and fun. If and when I ever change jobs, I’ll have to negotiate taking my Core Chair with me!

  108. Sarah Roberts, ON, Canada

    I LOVE my CoreChair! Being able to actively sit while working is incredible. I no longer feel the stiffness in my back and neck that I used to, and it is wonderful to keep engaging my core while seated. The technology built into this chair is undeniable and it is so strong and supportive while also taking up FAR less space than other chairs I have owned. I would highly recommend this chair to anyone who works at a desk and I can’t wait to see how far this company grows in the years to come as we all begin to realize that “sitting is the new smoking”! Well done, CoreChair, on doing your part to create a healthier workforce.

  109. Colin Callender, NY, USA

    I have just had back surgery and have come to understand how problematic sitting at a desk all day has become and how it has contributed to my back problems. Your new chair dramatically changed my sitting posture and I am exploring different ways of using it to build core strength. I have been telling everyone that sitting is the new smoking in terms of health hazards. I think your new chair is coming on the market at the perfect time and I wish you all the best with it.

  110. Heather Higgins, Colorado, USA

    I LOVE my CoreChair! I have always hated sitting still for long periods of time, but I can keep working and rocking all day long in my CoreChair. As someone who perpetually squirms and fidgets in other chairs, CoreChair facilitates healthy movement throughout my day.

  111. Antti, Keuruu, Finland

    We have been very happy with the CoreChairs. It has been beneficial for ergonomics and my colleague who has 20 years’ experience from the engineering field, said that his back pains disappeared when he started to use this chair. He had those for years before coming to work in Matricomp. We now have CoreChair for everyone here (3 people).
    Also I am happy with your delivery and service.

    100% positive feedback from us!

  112. Carolyn Turnball, ON

    I LOVE MY CHAIR!!! My husband wants one too.

  113. Aimee Kilbourn, ON, Canada

    Received my CoreChair last week and noticed immediately its benefits on my body! I knew I would not be disappointed…thank you!

  114. Geoffrey Smith, President and CEO, EllisDon Corporation

    Initially I was a bit skeptical that this modest looking chair would take the place of my previous iconic office chair, but I quickly learned that my CoreChair delivered on all promises to provide long term sitting comfort and relief of my stubborn back pain.
    I now feel that my personal quest for health and fitness is well complimented with this innovative sitting solution.”

    Well done CoreChair. This is a quality solution.

  115. Suzanne Jessome, Woodstock, ON, Canada

    Thanks so much for touching base with me regarding my new CoreChair!! Can I just say……I love my CoreChair!!!!

  116. Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, ND Naturopathic Doctor

    My “Achilles heel” in life is low back pain. I wore a brace as a child for scoliosis. Today, if I don’t stretch and keep my core strong, I experience back pain. Not surprisingly, my back is extremely finicky when it comes to my office chair. I’ve spent endless years adjusting my office chairs with pillows and pads – all to no avail. Enter CoreChair and active sitting. I purchased my own chair about six months ago, frankly expecting my back to reject it. But lo and behold, I love it! I’m sitting on it as I type this. The CoreChair actively engages my core muscles in a gentle way. And it’s endlessly adjustable. Typing tendonitis? Gone with my CoreChair. I give this chair my highest recommendation. And they’ve got a great refund policy too so you can give it a thorough try before you commit, just like I did.

  117. Letty Forsyth, ON, Canada

    I am an 81 year old Mother and Grandmother who has spent 35 years in the past sitting in an office at a desk with poor Office Chairs, I now have arthritis and back and neck problems because of the “Sitting Disease” as they call it today. My Hobby is knitting and I spend many hours sitting but now that I have a CoreChair it has changed the way I feel, if my back is aching and I sit in the CoreChair it relieves the pain. A lot of older people like myself have trouble getting up after sitting for a while with the CoreChair there is no problem it moves with the body, also with Seniors exercising is a struggle but with the CoreChair you can exercise while sitting which helps build muscle strength which we lose as we get older. The CoreChair is not just for the younger generation but more importantly it is for us Seniors as well.

  118. Christian, Massachusetts, USA

    I absolutely love the CoreChair. I have been looking for a chair like this forever. I’ve had friends over to my office numerous times, and without fail, they are curious about my “weird-looking” office chair. When I invite them to sit in it for a while, they agree – it’s crazy comfortable! It arrived in a large, sturdy box. Every component seems to be very well engineered – built to last – and why wouldn’t it be with the very generous warranty that comes with it? In combination with my sit-stand desk, I have a work space that moves with me all day. I never could sit still – and now I don’t have to! Thank you CoreChair!!

  119. Breigh Cameron

    Dear the CoreChair team,

    As someone who has had the chronic lower back pain and receiving chiropractic treatment for over 2 years, I am thrilled to say that after only 2-3 weeks of using the CoreChair my back pain is minimal and I am able to spread out my treatments. I can confidentially say the activity aspect of the chair keeps my back feeling loose so I do not need to make as many laps around the office to get that much needed stretch from sitting all day.

    Thank you for your impeccable customer service and invention of the CoreChair!

    Warmest Regards from a very happy customer.

  120. Tom H, CA, USA

    Good quality chair. However, I find that sometimes I feel like I am sliding down the seat cushion.

    • corechair (store manager)

      Hey Tom,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. I’m sorry to hear that you are sliding in your new chair. Luckily, that is a quick and easy fix with just a few adjustments! I’d love to have one our of in-house Kinesiologists help you make those adjustments!

      Keep an eye out for an email coming your way. Chat Soon!

  121. Dr. Jeffrey Jenkin, Chief of Diagnostic Imaging, Sault Area Hospital

    I am a radiologist and spend most of my day sitting and reporting cases. I have tried several ergonomic style chair and stools over the years. The CoreChair is the absolute best in my experience. I can sit through my work and at the end of a busy day I have no stress in my back or legs. The CoreChair is a must for anyone spending long hours at a workstation. Try it and you will agree.

  122. Joe Yoon, Florida, USA

    As a massage therapist, I know the dysfunction that can happen if your pelvis does not move correctly and you don’t use those muscles around it. I recommend using this anyone who sits a lot because it will help mitigate a lot of those aches and pains that you get from sitting.

  123. Michael

    I asked myself, what kind of office chair has no armrests…sitting in the CoreChair, I felt comfort…the support, immediate warmth and release on my lower back felt very good…not only that…I can feel my abs working…the kind of chair that provides for a healthy lifestyle, freeing those who feel chained to their chair. Thanks CoreChair.

  124. York Regional Police: 911 Center

    I’m never, ever, ever parting from my CoreChair and here are the reasons why:

    I find it helps with my posture because it has no arms to promote bad posture
    The back of the chair is positioned in the perfect spot to adequately support my back
    In short, I refuse to part from my CoreChair.

    I can tell you with the two chairs in our office, there is a fight every morning either of them are away amongst the remainder of the team to steal one for the day. I personally do not wear my entire use of force for the day as I have an ongoing back issue that I suffered a few years ago. This chair and standing desk combination has done wonders for me. At first, it was a little hard to adjust to but once you correct your posture the chair is great. If you are feeling good and solid for the day you can loosen off the tension and move your core a ton throughout the day.”

  125. David, ON, Canada

    Prior to getting my Core chair, I used a $1000 “executive” chair that I assumed was the state-of-the-art seating experience for those of us who sit behind desks. The CoreChair was a Christmas gift that I immediately adopted. I am now always comfortable sitting at my desk and no longer feel the need to continuously adjust my position. Well done CoreChair guys!

  126. Maria A., Texas, US

    I love that it is an adjustable chair! Depending on which shoes I am wearing (ie heels or flats), I can put my seat up or down. My last chair was not adjustable.

  127. Kevin Honsbereger, PT, ON, Canada

    As a workplace ergonomic specialist, this chair should be everywhere I go and I should take it everywhere I go.

  128. Aziz Aljumaa, Saudi Arabia

    I wanted to inform you that I presented the CoreChair to an orthopedic doctor and he was very impressed. He said that this chair is by far the best quality he has seen so far.

  129. Lauren Lefley, ON

    I like it way better than my previous chair.

  130. Brittany, ON, Canada

    The CoreChair was recommended by my physical therapist as a secondary option to an ergo ball since standing wasn’t promoting healing from my car accident injuries.
    I am excited to finally be on the road to real healing. I’ve been at a standing desk (by choice) for two years since traditional chairs are painful but the CoreChair isn’t painful! I can actually sit in it all day long (with breaks) without blinding and debilitating pain

  131. Winston, ON, Canada

    This chair is super high quality however it just didn’t work for me! The customer service was excellent and I was able to return the chair without any hassles.

    • corechair (store manager)

      Hey Winston,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

  132. Kevin Carter, ON, Canada

    I have had a CoreChair for the last 5 months and I love it. I always had a “good” chair, but now my previous chairs feels like a park bench

  133. Larry Flader, BC, Canada

    I have been suffering from lower back pain for over 30 years, brought on usually after long periods of sitting and working at my desk and computer. The usual symptoms I suffer after such a sitting session are the inability to stand straight and walk without lower back pain. After using your chair for only one day I noticed a vast improvement in increased mobility and reduction of pain and muscle spasm. After several weeks of regular chair use, I am now virtually pain free and no longer dread sitting at my desk. Thank you for designing and manufacturing such a high quality and useful product. I must also commend you on your excellent customer service and positive attitude of your support staff. All in all, another great Canadian innovation – I wish you continued success and the opportunity to bring lower back pain relief to many more sufferers.

  134. Diane Ledger, CA, USA

    Awesome product. Shipping was quick!

  135. Stu Bundy, ON, Canada

    I’m a former professional athlete with a severe L5 disk problems, and the CoreChair literally saved my business life. I’m now able to sit at my desk in the office for a full day without back pain. It’s the only chair that worked for my back…worth every penny!

  136. Sonya Latehman, ON, Canada

    I currently enjoy active sitting at my desk, in my CoreChair and I can honestly say that I haven’t seen my chiropractor since I got my chair! I can’t imagine sitting without it, my core is stronger and my posture is 100% better than it ever has been before.

  137. Tam Matthews, BC, Canada

    One should have a good lesson to fully maximize all the amazing options. I am most impressed how it has improved my posture together with so many movement options. It does not take up a lot of space and wheels around easily. We wheel it in for all our management team meetings offering the “funny motion” chair to whoever wants it.

  138. Ilmar Simanovsk, ON, Canada

    I have lower back issues from years of neglect and poor posture. My job requires that I sit for long periods, which can cause chronic lower back pain and difficulty with movement. I was excited to try the CoreChair and after 6 month of use, I am finding that I have eliminated the lower back issues. I can sit with comfort and find that the action of the chair keeps me engaged with my body position and movements. When I have to sit in a regular chair for any period of time, I now find that I try to alter my position to mimic the CoreChair alignment since it feels better on my posture. Best investment for someone who spends lots of time sitting.

  139. Brian M., ON

    My chiropractor recommended this chair to me. I am pleased with my purchase.

  140. M. Miller., US

    My back never hurts anymore! I honestly believe it is from using this chair.

  141. Stan Leu, Canada

    I have not gone to the chiropractor once since using my new chair! Thanks so much for all your help. I am a totally happy customer!

  142. Andrée Kelley, ON, Canada

    I’m extremely happy with my new CoreChair.
    Bye, bye back pains and hello core workout/strengthening.
    What an amazing product! Thank you!

  143. Breigh Cameron

    Dear the CoreChair team,
    As someone who has had the chronic lower back pain and receiving chiropractic treatment for over 2 years, I am thrilled to say that after only 2-3 weeks of using the CoreChair my back pain is minimal and I am able to spread out my treatments. I can confidentially say the activity aspect of the chair keeps my back feeling loose so I do not need to make as many laps around the office to get that much needed stretch from sitting all day.

    Thank you for your impeccable customer service and invention of the CoreChair!

    Warmest Regards from a very happy customer.

  144. Kaitlyn Moore, US

    Love love love love love

  145. Walter Smith, ON, Canada

    Awesome product! Also found out that they have a YouTube channel with workout routine videos to do with your chair. I try to do a workout routine 2-3 times a week. I am noticing that my strength is increasing!

  146. Bailey T., USA

    Pretty happy with it.

  147. Marie Vecera, ON, Canada

    I love this chair! From the moment I sat down on it at the trade show where I was first introduced to it, to the moment I watched the Dragon’s Den episode, to the next and the next.

    The proof for me was in the pudding, as it is often said. As a graphic designer I have a sedentary job, with a day job and freelance clients at night, I spend more time than the usual person sitting so this definitely captured my interest.

    While I sat there talking to your sales and manager who happened to have a 6th degree connection through a friend in my field of business, I used the CoreChair, rocking back and forth and all around. After 15 minutes sitting in the chair I got up and my sore back was refreshed, it felt loosened and the compressed sensations I often get in my lower back were gone. That day had been especially tiring, walking the trade show floor for work, I was now feeling so much better. I have recommended this chair to anyone who will listen.

    Thank you.

  148. L. Wilson., ON

    I had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to this chair, but now I really like it! Just took a few adjustments

  149. Joe Brown

    This is a miracle product!

  150. Jenine P., US

    I’ve tried many ergonomic office chairs in my lifetime and I can honestly say that CoreChair is the best one I’ve ever had.

  151. Micky F., USA


  152. Penelope Griffens, CA

    I wasn’t completely sure about it because it looks small and is on the more expensive side. I decided to give it a shot because they have a 60 day money back guarantee. Best decision I’ve ever made. I can’t say enough good things about it! I will NEVER go back to my Ikea chair.

  153. Else Pedersen, ON, Canada

    My chiropractor visits have disappeared since using my CoreChair. It’s a high quality chair, comfortable, works as promised and after 2 years, still looks like new.

  154. Ron M, ON, Canada

    I saw this on Dragon’s Den and decided to go for it. I’m in my mid-60’s, retired and have lower back issues. I use it 1-4 hours a day at my computer on the ‘loose’ setting so that I lean all the way back when reading etc. I found I can sit much longer comfortably and it helps my lower back immensely. I’m glad that I bought it.

  155. Andrée Kelley, ON, Canada

    I’m extremely happy with my new CoreChair.
    Bye, bye back pains and hello core workout/strengthening.
    What an amazing product! Thank you!

  156. Brian, Ontario, Canada

    great chair

  157. Bob Moore, Texas, US

    I used to sit in a tall back executive chair so I was a little worried about the low back on this chair. All I can say, is I will never go back to my tall back exec. chair.

  158. Fredrick B., BC


  159. Garth Wright, ON, Canada

    As I sit here in my home office…I love my new chair. Most comfortable chair I’ve ever had. Great mechanics and I know helping with my posture/core. We actually have two in our house. Marie loves hers as well. Wishing you continued success with the CoreChair revolution!

  160. Lenerd Yeo, FL

    Everyone in my office wants one!

  161. Paul H., CA, USA

    I have had lower back issues for years, and I have found that using the CoreChair for the last six months has lessened my back pain considerably and has also helped to improve my posture.

  162. Sam Pruinch, ON

    Check out their youtube channel. They have great workout routines you can do with the chair.

  163. Patrick Lee, CA


  164. Michele Baxter, Ontario

    I love my CoreChair! I have struggled all my life with bad posture. I tried it for a couple of weeks on a demo. For the first time, I did not have a sore back at the end of the day. It has changed my life! I love how it forces you to sit properly and pay attention to sitting up straight and it is very, very comfortable.

  165. Brian, ON, Canada

    Love it!

  166. John., BC

    I have had the CoreChair for a month now, and love it. As I have aged, my active work life started to slow down and I found I was spending all day sitting at a desk. I found myself spending less time in the gym, I had become sedentary. The CoreChair has been great for my core strength, back pain and stiffness is gone. When I see the chair it is reminding me to get more active though the day. It is a great product, simple to put together and solid. Thanks.

  167. Marnie Wasserman, The Ultimate Health Podcast

    I think I am in Love!

  168. Finn Kipley., ON

    Love it!

  169. Jill Davis, Ontario

    Great quality!

  170. Carolyn Hutchinson, Calgary

    Awesome product! A must have in my home office.

  171. P. Anderson., AB

    This is so much more than just a regular office chair. It is truly something you need to sit in to feel the difference!

  172. David S., ON

    A can feel my core muscles getting stronger. I still experience some pain but apparently that is just the adjustment period. The customer service rep assured me that my body has to adjust to it before I feel the benefits.

  173. David L, US

    I’ll never go back to my old office chair.

  174. Mary, H., AZ

    My back pain is gone! Thanks CoreChair!

  175. Gabby Houston, US

    I like it!

  176. J. Moore, AB

    This chair is going to change the way people think of ergonomics

  177. Jonas Brown, US

    Love it! Thanks CoreChair for presenting this high quality office chair to our boss!

  178. Leigh S., PEI

    Very high quality chair. Also shipping was fast!

  179. Tim Don., US

    great product

  180. Jason Bass, BC, Canada

    Great chair! My whole office is always asking to borrow it.

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