CoreChair Classic

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  • Innovative technology designed to optimize sitting posture and encourage movement
  • Reduces back pain, increases circulation, and strengthens core muscles
  • Increased productivity through enhanced cognitive function
Size Guide

Tall: Recommended for those 5'6" and taller                                                      *Floor to Seat Height: 18.7" - 22.3"

Short: Recommended for those 5'5" and shorter                                                *Floor to Seat Height: 17.1" - 19.2"


Size Guide

Tall: Recommended for those 5'6" and taller

Short: Recommended for those 5'5" and shorter


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What Makes CoreChair Different?

Highly Sculpted Seat

The seat of the CoreChair is aggressively sculpted to embrace your sit bones and provide pressure point relief, prevent sliding, and deliver comfort.



Our innovative technology is designed to encourage fluidic movement in all directions up to 14 degrees with an adjustable resistance feature that allows you to personalize your level of movement.

Made with High Quality Materials

The CoreChair exceeded all of the BIFMA safety and durability standards. This has allowed us to provide you with a 12 year warranty.


Pelvic Support

Our seat cushion works in conjunction with the low back support, to stabilize the pelvis, optimize your sitting posture, and reduce back pain and slumping at your desk.

Innovation that keeps you moving.

Sore Back? Find relief with CoreChair.


Our tech innovation focuses on providing movement with optimal sitting posture. Optimal posture paired with movement helps to strengthen core muscles, alleviate back pain, and avoid stiffness! A study done at University of Waterloo (2012) and Memorial University (2017) concluded CoreChair was effective in providing functional postural support.

✓ Chiropractor endorsed

Extraordinary comfort meets incredible pelvic support


The seat of the CoreChair is aggressively sculpted to embrace your sit bones and provide even weight distribution. The seat cushion works in conjunction with the pelvic stabilizer to relieve pressure points, prevent sliding, and provide added comfort...so you can focus on your work, not your discomfort!

~ Stretch and reach more comfortably.

Easy Personalization - choose your own range of motion

What good is a high end, ergonomic office chair if you can't figure out all the levers and settings? We love that the CoreChair is easy to use with simple, intuitive movements and the ability to select your range of motion. Adjust height, seat depth, and mobility and you're good to go! You'd never guess there are 48 moving parts inside the patented seating mechanism! Years of engineering, design, and research intelligence is efficiently housed within the chair structure - all precisely synchronized to encourage subtle movement and exercise opportunity.

Take control of your health!

Increased Metabolism - turn sitting into an activity that improves your health!

CoreChair is NEAT™ Certified. NEAT™ (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, developed by Mayo Clinic) reminds us that continuous low intensity movement is extremely valuable for our health! Research studies by Mayo Clinic found that moderate movement on a CoreChair increased metabolic demand by 20%!

Sitting → Active Sitting

79 reviews for CoreChair Classic

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mary Neal, ON

    To my delight, I find that the design of the chair helps me to maintain far better posture than ever before when seated on my previous desk chair. I love that I can rotate my core while sitting and can stretch back safely and comfortably.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nicole Bradbury, ON

    I’m a nursing student and I spend a lot of time sitting, studying, reading and writing papers. The CoreChair is the most amazing office chair I’ve ever used. It’s comfortable and really does help my back during those long study sessions. I would recommend it to anyone who sits for long hours, as you really do have to be considerate of your body!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kevin Vecmanis, Vancouver

    I founded a fintech start-up in downtown Vancouver and I spend a lot of hours sitting – whether I’m coding, researching markets, reading, or interacting with customers. I used to sit in a rock-solid, rosewood chair that I took from my kitchen table but it was really starting to negatively impact my productivity.

    I like to stay in shape – I run every morning and workout as much as I can. I’m also aware that sitting too much in the wrong position can really “undo” a lot of the benefits you get from daily exercise.

    I was introduced to the core-chair from a super-knowledgeable sales rep – a former iron man competitor and all-around athlete. He’s someone who really understands biomechanics and preaches best-in-class health practices. When he told me I’m negatively impacting my health by spending all day slouched over coding, I listened!

    I spend about 12 hours a day coding these days, and I’ve probably spent over 1000 hours in my core-chair. The stiffness and soreness I used to get from sitting all day is gone. My favourite thing about the chair is that it has really made me cognizant of my posture and sitting position – it has a weird way of self-correcting your posture.

    If you spend any amount of time sitting, I can attest to how amazing of a product the core chair it. Talk to Tristan and get him to change your life!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Suzzy Brown, B.C

    My chiro recommended this chair to me about a month ago and i’m very happy with it.

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