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  • Ergonomic active-sitting stool for high counter and adjustable height desks
  • Sculpted Seat cushion for optimal comfort and support
  • Height adjustable 22″ to 29″
  • 360 degree swivel
  • 250 pound weight capacity
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Secure rubber feet prevents slipping and protects floor
  • Active mechanism promotes movement and blood flow
  • Pivot angle 5 degrees at the base, safe and stable
  • Available in three fun colours:  Black, Cherry Red and Dark Blue
  • 30 days satisfaction guarantee
  • 2 year warranty


The CorePerch is an advanced active seating stool, designed to compliment your sit to stand desk, kitchen counter, and even the check out counter at the supermarket. Studies have concluded that standing can be as hard on your body as sitting and the CorePerch allows for intermittent breaks from standing and even short-term comfortable sitting when your worksurface is lowered.

What sets the CorePerch ahead of simple stools is the dynamic base that allows a pivot up to 5 degrees resulting in a dynamic sway of the seat surface similar to sitting on an exercise ball. What differentiates it from an exercise ball is the stable base that controls movement as well as the height adjustability. What improves the CorePerch beyond the exercise ball and other active stools, is the anatomically sculpted seat that provides amazing support for your pelvis.

The benefits of sitting active on a CorePerch is increased blood flow, core stabilizing muscle stimulation and upright balanced sitting posture.

If you have back problems and or sit more than you stand, then you should consider a CoreChair Classic or Tango, as they provide optimal pelvic stabilization, sitting posture and comfort. Invigorate and engage your body even while you’re seated, offering a refreshing alternative to the static nature of traditional office chairs. This ergonomic marvel is crafted to foster a lively sitting experience, allowing for a spectrum of movements including tilting, swaying, and bouncing. The essence of the CorePerch lies in its ability to activate core muscles, align the spine, and enhance blood flow, effectively mitigating the detrimental effects of sitting for extended periods.

Features of the CorePerch Active Seating Stool:


Dynamic Movement: Central to the CorePerch’s design is a base engineered for movement, pivot feature, enabling the stool to tilt and rotate freely. This design principle encourages movement and active engagement of core and leg muscles, keeping users agile and focused.


Ergonomic Innovation: The CorePerch is not quite standing and not quite sitting but allows a bit of both.  Absent is a backrest and armrests in favor of an anatomically sculpted seat cushion that molds to the user, promoting active, healthy seating postures. Height adjustability ensures it can be customized to suit various body types and desk configurations, making it as inclusive as it is innovative.


Health and Wellness Advantages: The CorePerch actively combats the sedentary lifestyle pitfalls, aiding in back pain reduction, posture enhancement, circulation improvement, and cognitive focus and productivity through sustained engagement and movement.


Adaptable Design: With its compact and mobile form, the CorePerch is perfectly suited to a wide range of environments, from modern office spaces to home offices, classrooms and even the supermarket check-out counter, embodying flexibility and motion wherever it’s placed.

The CorePerch is more than just a seating option; it’s a lifestyle choice for those looking to embrace a more active, essential tool for fostering a healthier, more vibrant way of working and living.

10 reviews for CorePerch

  1. Kimberly (verified owner)

    I received my Core Perch and it was very easy to assemble. I am using it with my sit/stand desk at work. So far so good. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I like it. I found this product when searching online for the highest-rated desk stools. My chiropractor recommended that I use a stool rather than a chair at my desk to help develop and support my back. I found your customer support very helpful when and after I made my purchase.

  2. Shawn Damratowski (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying the core chair for work and regular use.

  3. Deborah Lanteri (verified owner)

    I still sit too much, but my back no longer hurts after a 12 hour day. I do find myself correcting my posture and not hunching over my desk.

  4. Rene (verified owner)

    The core chairs are amazing! I have both kinds and interchange them throughout the work day. Between the two chairs, adjustable desk, and cubi I try and stay as active as possible during such a sedentary job ?

  5. Elizabeth Absher (verified owner)

    The website was easy to navigate and the customer service was outstanding. My bandwidth caused the page to lag and unbeknownst to me I placed a duplicate order which a representative caught immediately and contacted me. Thank you, Lisa! This chair is rated highly by several consumer reports and web reviews with good reason. It’s saving my spine and looks great in my home office.

  6. Cara (verified owner)

    The motion is just active enough to let me move or not move, sway or swivel while still being very stable and sturdy. It’s day five, and I have not returned to my old regular task chair! I use an electric adjusting standing/sit desk, and this CorePerch is exactly the seating and motion I was looking for! I mix perching and sitting throughout the day and love moving actively throughout my long workdays! I am a web designer/developer staring at a computer monitor all day, and this new seating makes me more energetic, creative, and productive. Sitting upright engages my core and puts me in a positive mood. I am 5″3.5, and this CorePerch adjusts low enough to allow me to actually sit when I want a break from perching or standing. AND, other types of wobble-type seating I looked at did NOT have a thick and dense cushion. This does so. Yes, it is comfy to sit on. Plenty of height adjustments for various perch angles with my feet. My husband, 6’1″, tested it and found it adjusted high enough for his size. Delivery was super quick. Ordered it on a Thursday morning, and it arrived in Vermont on Monday. This chair makes me look forward to working!

  7. Anne Croteau (verified owner)

    I bought this Perch Chair to compliment my sit/stand desk at work. I LOVE it!! Such a difference being able to lean when in standing mode, or sit when it’s in the lower position. Just enough rock movement to encourage ergonomic posture while grooving to music and making a desk job a lot more fun!

  8. Dwain Jeworski (verified owner)

    Perfect for my home office and stand-up desk. I am 6’4 and exactly what I was hoping for,

  9. Mary

    Very comfy once you get used to sitting in the new way.
    I like that it’s easy to move and I can use it in my office and take it outside.

  10. southern_girl123

    Love it!

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