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  • Ergonomic active-sitting office stool
  • Sculpted Seat cushion for optimal comfort and support
  • Patented mechanism promotes movement and blood flow
  • Improves your posture and can be used with standing desks
  • Available in three fun colours:  Black, Cherry Red and Dark Blue


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Intricately designed active sitting perch stool pairs perfectly with any sit-to-stand desk.

What Makes CorePerch Different?

Sculpted Seat Cushion

Seat contours embrace your sit bones to promote good sitting posture and comfort and prevents sliding.


Hydraulic Lifting System

Allows the CorePerch to fit a wide variety of different heights. Sit, stand, or perch comfortably at your workstation.


Dynamic Range of Motion

Move freely up to 7 degrees in all directions, promoting blood flow, and engaging your core, back, and leg muscles while you work.


Compact Design

Compact, lightweight design with handle feature allows for easy movement, storage, and travel.

2-Year Warranty

CoreChair stands behind every single product we build. The CorePerch is backed by our 2-year limited warranty.

Sculpted seat cushion to promote good posture and comfort.

Rock, Swivel, Move and Burn Calories.

Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions21 × 17 × 11 in

Black, Dark Blue, Red

2 reviews for CorePerch

  1. Mary

    Very comfy once you get used to sitting in the new way.
    I like that it’s easy to move and I can use it in my office and take it outside.

  2. southern_girl123

    Love it!

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