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  • Ergonomic Active-Sitting Chair
  • Sculpted Seat optimizes Pressure Distribution and prevents sliding
  • Back rest works with the cushion shape to embrace your pelvis
  • Seat and Back harmonize to stabilize the pelvis to optimize balance and alignment of your spine. Ideal sitting posture.
  • Patented mechanism encourages healthy movement to build core strength, mobilize joints and stimulate circulation
  • Recommended for Preventative Strengthening and good positioning
  • Compact and fits snugly under desk
  • Three stylish colours to choose from – Red, Black and Blue
  • Comfortably seats those 5′ to 6’5″ tall with simple adjustments
  • Exceeds BIFMA/ ANSI durability and safety requirements
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 3 Year Warranty


Introducing the CoreChair Tango: A simplified version of the CoreChair Classic but still a revolutionary step forward in ergonomic office seating, crafted for individuals who prioritize health and comfort in their working environment. The Tango elevates your workspace with its cutting-edge design that encourages active sitting and fosters perfect posture. If your objective is healthy sitting and prevention of back pain through core strengthening, the Tango is a perfect option.

Ergonomic Enhancement: The CoreChair Tango, developed with insights from top health and wellness experts, offers unparalleled support for your pelvis and lower back. Its innovative seat design works in harmony with the integrated low back to provide optimal lumbar support to embrace your pelvis, ensuring spinal alignment, alleviating back discomfort, and cultivating an ideal sitting posture.

Eco-friendly and Robust Construction: Adhering to the highest standards of quality and durability, the CoreChair Tango surpasses traditional office chairs by exceeding BIFMA/ANSI durability tests, This commitment to longevity is matched by a dedication to environmental responsibility, with the chair featuring recyclable parts and produced through green manufacturing practices. Packaged and delivered in reusable cotton bags and recyclable fiber materials, the Tango is a testament to sustainable design.

Contemporary and Stylish Design: The CoreChair Tango seamlessly integrates into any office setting with its contemporary look and sophisticated charm. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this chair is engineered to enhance your appearance while seated, promoting an effortlessly upright and confident posture.

The CoreChair Tango transcends the concept of a mere office chair, transforming it into a vital wellness instrument and a therapeutic aid that redefines your sitting experience. Suitable for both home offices and traditional workspaces, the Tango not only elevates your comfort but actively contributes to your overall health and encourages the body’s natural tendency for movement.

Discover the transformative impact of the CoreChair Tango on your daily sitting habits – where unparalleled comfort aligns with optimal health in the most innovative manner.

Curious about how the CoreChair Tango compares to the CoreChair Classic? Dive into the video below to determine which CoreChair model is right for you!

49 reviews for Tango

  1. Jessica (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the tango chair. The chair was incredibly easy to assemble and is a perfect fit for my work station. I often have trouble finding a chair I can sit in ergonomically thanks to my 5’2” height. The tango chair allows me to sit comfortably, without feeling like a child in a high-chair! I also have enjoyed looking through the stretching videos, they are very fun. I love the mobility and movement I can get while sitting, it has provided a lot of relief! I found your brand by googling ‘the best ergonomic chair for sciatica relief’ and came across the core chair. After reading through the website and with the knowledge of the 30 day money back guarantee, I decided to try the chair. Now I am trying to convince my husband to get his own, so he stops stealing mine!!

  2. Tami Yuill (verified owner)

    usArizona, United States

    Over the years I have tried other core chairs but the adjustment period was long. With the Tango I felt secure and comfortable the first time I sat on it.

  3. Yessicka Liznick (verified owner)

    My back used to hurt so much from sitting for long periods of time, but in just three days, I felt the difference. Of course, I had my doubts about its claims, but it actually works:
    -The delivery was very efficient. It arrived before the expected delivery time.
    -The assembly was easy, and it just needed a little customization to work for me.
    -My metabolism is better.
    -I have more energy.
    -My posture has improved
    -I am more focus
    -Customer service is very efficient, and I got to talk to Patrick Harrison, the chair designer, who guided me through the proper chair setup.
    Best of all, I love the chair workouts!

  4. Dr. Davis Lindsay (verified owner)

    easy ordering and great chair. I already have 3 and just ordered 2 more!

  5. Gina Friesen (verified owner)

    Best chair I’ve had.

  6. Amy D (verified owner)

    The chair arrived quickly. It does the low back right where I needed it. I love it!

  7. Aspen Designs (verified owner)

    Great product the chair works as described, and amazing customer service! Fast shipping.

  8. Rick Brooks-Hill (verified owner)

    No more numbness.

    I have had numbness in my hands and feet. Corechair was an integral part to regaining a healthy back!

  9. Jesse Cohoon (verified owner)

    Getting used to the wobble was a bit of a challenge to begin with. Enjoying the chair now with the low profile in a small space.

  10. Ruxandra (verified owner)

    I love the corechair! The quality is superior, it’s comfortable and keeps my back straight. Service was great and prompt.

  11. Marlene Jan (verified owner)

    Finally a chair that works for me! I love my core chair and the mobility and freedom it gives my body while working. It was easy to put together and the service great – no false promises. Everything you read is true.

  12. Jereme Greene (verified owner)

    This chair is life changing! I was so lucky to discover your company. Thanks for the incredible addition to my studio!

  13. Jessica Otto (verified owner)

    Just set up my CoreChair Tango today and I can already feel a tremendous difference with the support of my core and hips! Can’t wait to use it for stretching.

  14. Chase V (verified owner)

    Bought the budget Tango… very impressed. I have a bad back for 7 years and too much sitting for work is the main reason. I have been looking for a chair to promote good posture and prevent the back lockup I experience when getting up after more than 10min of sitting (kind of a 20 sec performative dance recreating human evolution, from crouched to mostly homo-erectus). With a lot of gimmick chairs the problem is you pay too much attention to it, and either you quit or doesn’t really help in the end. With this chair, you have total freedom movement in the hips and you do have to stabilize yourself; yet, it takes a couple of seconds to adjust, and by day two you completely forget about the chair, except when you move (freely) to stretch out. I instantly assume perfect posture when in it, which is kind of mind blowing. My bad side is my left, and I am finding that my “strong side” has weak points that feel like they are getting a workout. I don’t feel like I am straining on the chair, but, again end of day 2, I went for my nightly walk and realized some muscles in my back and hips feel like they have been through a workout. And my abs were detectably sore. Most importantly, I can stand up straight away from the chair without spasms or the old man impression. Long story short, it’s working for me.

  15. Richa Verma (verified owner)

    Amazing chair, and even better customer service. Will recommend this chair for anyone with tail bone or lower back pain

  16. Sherry Maxwell (verified owner)

    From the first day I used the Core Chair I noticed a reduction in the tightness of my back and less soreness. It’s a great chair. I’m going to buy another one for my home office!

  17. Dr. Charryse Johnson (verified owner)

    Amazing chair and just what I needed! As a therapist I spend hours of my day sitting. This allows me to be present for my client and feel structurally balanced throughout the day. My only regret is that I didn’t know about this sooner.

  18. Josolynn Jones (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the core chair. I’ve been working from home for awhile and have tried quite a few gadgets. I got the seat cushions and all that. Still not great. The core chair is a worthwhile purchase. I got the tango, the most basic model and I think it’s worth every penny. My back feels better and I’m reminded to strengthen my core. When you work from a computer, you basically live in your chair. This is great in combination with a stand up desk because I can constantly be activated

  19. Cristina

    I spent several hours searching for the best office chair to meet my needs before settling on the CoreChair, Tango model. Ordering online was easy and shipment updates were more than satisfactory. The instructions to assemble the CoreChair were super simple.
    It took a few days at my desk to get used to the unique features of the CoreChair, almost immediately though the comfort of the moulded seat was apparent. I have now used this chair 5-6 days per week for a couple months and I can attest to it being one of the most comfortable office chairs I’ve ever tried.
    My posture has improved, I am experiencing much less fatigue in my middle to lower back and less headaches which means more productivity. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase of the CoreChair and would recommend it to those that especially have a hard time sitting because of back or seat issues.

  20. Patricia Tolppanen (verified owner)

    I really like the Core Chair, as it prevents me from slouching and reinforces proper posture. It is comfortable and provides the low back support I need. It also takes up less space so I can easily push it aside and use my standing desk from time to time. I went back to my old chair briefly and, in one day, my back pain had returned. Never again!

  21. Nathanael Enns (verified owner)

    Totally exceeded my expectations. My bulging disc pain was reduce at least 60-70% in the first week of use!
    Only thing I might say is that the resistance isn’t balanced on my one chair. There is more resistance when leaning left vs right when fully open. But it’s a minor thing and may just need to work in. But I still give it a full 5 stars! It’s amazing!

  22. Eve Weinberg (verified owner)

    The chair is terrific! I can sit comfortably for 2 1/2 hours without getting up and stretching my legs. At the end of the work day, I don’t experience any back discomfort or pain. Highly recommend the chair. As well, it looks really cool in my office.

  23. Marilyn E Simpson (verified owner)

    Working on posture this chair is a real boost. You are pleasantly ” forced” to pay attention. I look forward to improvement in my shoulder, neck and back issues.
    Excellent service and delivery.

  24. Gail Weidman (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Excellent customer service! A+ all around!

  25. Lindsey Joslyn (verified owner)

    I am so obsessed with it! I sit all day doing very tedious lash extensions, I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now and my hips, back and neck are really feeling it lately. This chair is amazing! Worth every penny. I highly recommend it to anyone who sits for an extended period of time or just looking for a good chair in general.

  26. Laura S (verified owner)

    I found the overall experience with the support staff awesome. Prompt and professional response to my order. A big kudo to Lisa F who was able to find a solution in shipping to a rural PO Box in BC. Would highly recommend CoreChair. I am looking forward to receiving and using my chair.

  27. Rishma Dhalla (verified owner)

    As an Occupational Therapist, it was very important for me to find the right chair for my home office which would address my need to actively sit in order to prevent stiffness and pain in my lower back, pelvis and hips. The Core Chair fit the bill! I’m so thrilled with my purchase and can’t wait to recommend it for my clients!

  28. Kim Toscano (verified owner)

    This chair is a game changer. I did try an active seating stool from elsewhere for a periodic switch from my regular desk chair throughout my workday, but I found that I really need some padding on a chair to be fully comfortable. Now with the CoreChair, which was simple to assemble, by the way, the lower back stiffness is gone and I’m literally feeling neck muscles realign at various points in the day when I get up or stretch out. Really happy I found you all and hope to get one for the other desk jockey in my home, soon!! Thank you so much!!

  29. Marion J (verified owner)

    I bought the tango core chair and love it. It is the first chair that I have ever sat in that is actually fun. The chair does not take up much space and is very maneuverable, for free and easy movement around my desk. In the chair, I can and do twist around to keep my circulation going. Mostly, the core chair supports my spine, so, hopefully, I can look forward to better posture from a more strongly supported spine. The positioning of my rear and upper thighs on the seat cushion spreads out and balances my weight so the sitting experience is not tiring even after long hours at the computer.

  30. Georgeta Suta (verified owner)

    Love my core chair; despite delivery delays at their end, the company kept me updated and gave me options to change my order or wait a bit longer. I greatly appreciated the transparency; the wait was worth it – the Tango CoreChair is everything and more than I hoped for. Never felt more comfortable in an office chair despite spending almost 10 hours sitting in it.

  31. Gillian (verified owner)

    Finding information about the chair on the website, the ordering process and delivery were straightforward and fuss free. My order arrived within a few days. The Corechair is the best chair I’ve ever used. I purchased the chair for my office at work. I sit for many hours each day and the Corechair has been a game changer for me. I highly recommend it for anyone.

  32. Alicia Rambo (verified owner)

    I fidget a lot in normal chairs, sit on my feet, etc. This chair allows me to move around and losen my hips without having to get up and stretch or adjust my sitting position. It also has greatly improved my posture. I can immediately tell a difference when I sit in a “normal” chair.

  33. Sheila Manzanilla (verified owner)

    I LOVE THIS CHAIR!!! I’m compelled to write this review because for close to a year, I was experiencing excruciating pain in my tailbone. I tried acupuncture, yoga, stretches, sitting less, donut cushions, kneeling chair, pain killers, CBD balms, other topicals – but they only provided a little bit of relief. After scouring the web for special chairs to help with my condition (since I work in front of a computer for a living), I decided to give this chair a try. I must admit that it took awhile getting used to it but fast forward to almost 6 months later and my tailbone pain is gone! GONE! So if you are here looking for tailbone relief – give this chair a try!

  34. Pavel – Mountain View, California

    I like how I feel when I sit in the chair and it keeps my core engaged as well as syncs with my active mind.

  35. Taleeb – Vancouver

    It’s a fantastic product for someone who sits for long periods. Has made a huge difference to my back pain!

  36. Marion – British Columbia

    I like that the seat pivots forward if I adjust the height. Other chairs cause a cut off of circulation from the front edge of the seat. I love the CoreChair seat and motion.

  37. Cristina – Ontario

    I really like the moulded seat cushion and range of motion. I can sit for hours at a time without the pressure points in my bottom and low back screaming at me. Also being able to move and shift from the waist down has eased my overall body aches and improved my work productivity.

  38. Rishma – British Columbia

    I can sit in it for hours and not be in pain when I get up! I am an Occupational Therapist and ergonomics are very important to me.

  39. Jennifer – Ontario

    It is the most comfortable chair I have sat in. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the movement and active-sitting but I love it. After two weeks of using the Tango, I no longer have back pain at the end of my workday – it’s a game changer!

  40. Virginia – Texas

    I loved your packaging. No plastic. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Diane – Austin, TX

    I’ve got tendon issues in my hips, so I need to be able to both sit and stand. I have a sit/stand desk, but I’ve never found a chair that both fits *me* (I’m 5’2″) and fits under the desk when I stand. This one does. And I can sit for longer periods in it because I can move around to keep my back and hips loose. Love it.

  42. Aurora – San Diego

    The comfort is AMAZING! Love that it gives me the ability to stay active while sitting on it!!

  43. Pamela

    Love the overall feel, comfort level and ergonomics. I enjoy sitting on the chair, getting used to using it since it is different than a stationary chair.

  44. Andrea (verified owner)

    The chair just arrived and now its assembled. It is great in every area except its lower to the ground than my original desk chair, so I am even shorter at my desk. 🙁 I was really hoping it allowed me to sit higher at my desk to help my wrists not hurt so much from typing. I am 5’4 so I am average height. In addition, my desk is average in its height, it is an Elfa (Container Store) : /

  45. Victoria Harris (verified owner)

    Love, Love, Love this chair! At first I thought this chair was way over priced. I researched it for a week before buying. This is my 4th chair I would be buying to try. The 3 others I had in the past were terrible cheap chairs I bought on Amazon. Unfortunately in the beginning building a business I couldn’t buy a nice chair like this, plus I was broke lol now that I have a pretty well established lash business from home, I decided to purchase this chair! Plus the help of Lash Happy that I follow on Instagram made it even easier to decide to buy this one! I think this one is perfect for lash artists! The tango is the cheapest model they have. I think it does a great job of keeping me out of constant pain and soreness. With the past chairs I used to lash in, I would be dead after just working on 2 clients, my whole lower body was in pain then slowly over time my upper body too. This is only day 3 using the tango chair and I already love it! I feel like I can take on the rest of the day doing errands, cook dinner and what not. I took on more clients and errands today because I FEEL GOOD and NOT IN PAIN! It’s a great feeling to not be in pain at the end of every working day! I can take on more tasks, be more efficient and lash for many more years! I don’t want to get burnt out and retire in only a few years! This chair has changed my lashing career!!! Thank you! I’m so grateful for the Tango!

  46. Paula

    Immediate comfort. Love how the seat allows so much movement while providing full stability. I suffer from herniated discs and this is the most comfortable chair I have now.

  47. soo sen Lee (verified owner)

    I sit for long periods at a desk and have suffered from back pains for so long that I had given up on trying to do anything about it. A friend had a core chair and I decided to try one more “thing”, purchase one just to see if it made a difference. The Tango came into sales just recently and I bought it. Oh my, I should have bought a corechair 3 years ago when I first hear about it, my back pains have diminished to just stiffness now and is usually gone after a night of sleep. Normally, I am aching all the time despite physio and acupunture etc. So grateful to the designers for coming up with something that helps people like me.

  48. Betty Martin, Kingston ON

    It’s awesome. I took the time to carefully follow the video instructions for easy assembly. No sliding forward with perfect lower back support…Very happy with this Tango Chair for ppl 5’4” or less.

  49. Stephanie

    I was lucky enough to be included in the Beta testing of this new CoreChair product. As a frequent CoreChair Classic user, I can honestly say that the Tango feels amazing. The pelvic support cushion and sculpted seat cushion are the exact same as my Classic model. The movement is slightly different because it only has one setting whereas my Classic has 5 different settings. I feel like the movement on the Tango is similar to the mid-level resistance setting on my Classic.

    CoreChair takes pride in creating only the highest quality office furniture and I can attest to the quality and durability of this lower-cost option. It is definitely a great product for those who want to start active sitting but can’t afford the Classic.

    I chose the Cherry Red colour and it looks fabulous in my home office. It added that lively pop of colour my office really needed!

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