CoreChair was developed with a research-based approach to address Sitting Disease and back pain.

We continue to partner with esteemed institutions to undertake significant research validating the health benefits, safety, and durability of the CoreChair.

CoreChair exerts less pressure points thAn a standard ergonomic task chair

Graduate students from Cornell University, investigated sitting pressure on CoreChair compared to high end ergonomic office chairs.

The CoreChair is more efficient at introducing desired movement and an exercise opportunity, while providing optimal support.

Dr. Callaghan’s research compared the posture of individuals sitting in the CoreChair versus a high end ergonomic office chair, as well as a comparison between CoreChair and a properly fitted exercise ball in the recruitment of core stabilizing muscles.

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CoreChair is NEAT™ Certified

The Mayo Clinic’s NEAT™ (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) certification program looks at solutions that will increase energy expenditure at low intensity, for longer durations.

The incidental movement from a CoreChair had a 20% increase in the calories you burn.

Mayo Clinic, in collaboration with Arizona State University, set out to discover practical solutions to counteract obesity. Dr. James Levine and his team measured caloric burn, comparing outcomes of an ergonomic office chair vs traditional office task chair.

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Less back pain, better sitting posture, enhanced blood flow!

Memorial University found that participants sitting in the CoreChair adopted a more upright posture, lower perceived levels of back stiffness, lower perceived levels of physical tiredness.

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Improved lower extremity blood flow and enhanced cognitive function with blood flow

This four hour duration investigation discovered there was a significant reduction in calf circumference indicative of improved lower extremity blood flow and a significant reduction of errors commissioned utilizing SART (Sustained Attention to Response Task) suggesting enhanced cognitive function with blood flow.

CoreChair Introduces an innovative pelvic support system