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I am never, ever parting from my CoreChair and here are the reasons why: I find it helps with my posture because it has no arms to promote bad posture. The back of the chair is positioned in the perfect spot to adequately support my back. In short, i refuse to part from my CoreChair.

I can tell you that with the two chairs in our office, there is a fight every morning either of them are away amongst the remainder of the team to steal one for the day. I personally do not wear my entire use of force for the day as i have an ongoing back issue that i suffered from a few years ago. This chair and standing desk combination has done wonders for me. At first, it was a little hard to adjust to but once you correct your posture the chair is great. If you are feeling good and solid for the day, you can loosen off the tension and move your core a ton throughout the day.”

911 Call Centre, York Regional Police

Initially I was a bit skeptical that this modest looking chair would take the place of my previous iconic office chair, but i quickly learned that my CoreChair delivered on all promises to provide long term sitting comfort and relief of my stubborn back pain. I now feel that my personal quest for health and fitness is well complimented with this innovative sitting solution.

Well done CoreChair. This is a quality solution.

Geoffrey Smith

President and CEO, EllisDon Corporation

Can I just say… I love my CoreChair!!!!!

I’ve only been using it for a week and a half and already I feel the benefits! I’m finding my kneed and lower back feel better at the end of a long day at the deskI like the fact that I can set the movement to suit me and I feel like I am moving more even though I’m sitting at the desk. I love the ‘perch’ position best in the chair.  I like that there are no arms on the chair. It works better with my keyboard tray and I have more freedom of movement in my tiny office.  I love the fact that the back rest sits snug to the bottom of my back. I find it very comfortable and helps keep my posture throughout the whole work day which in turn makes me feel better by the end of the day!

My co-workers are envious of my new chair! 

Thanks so much CoreChair for making my long day at work a little more manageable and enjoyable! You rock………or should I say……you sway and perch! Lol”

Suzanne Jessome

Woodstock, ON, Canada

I have lower back issues from years of neglect and poor posture. My job requires that I sit for long periods, which can cause chronic lower back pain and difficulty with movement. I was excited to try the CoreChair and after 6 month of use, I am finding that I have eliminated the lower back issues. I can sit with comfort and find that the action of the chair keeps me engaged with my body position and movements. When I have to sit in a regular chair for any period of time, I now find that I try to alter my position to mimic the CoreChair alignment since it feels better on my posture. Best investment for someone who spends lots of time sitting.”

Ilmar Simanovsk

ON, Canada

“I think I am in love!”

Marnie Wasserman

Real Food Nutritionist and Health Strategiest, The Ultimate Health Podcast

“I find that at the end of the day, my back is in better shape and i’ve got more energy. I wouldn’t go back to another chair if you paid me!”

Myles Merwart

Senior Consultant, Massagepoint

“As a tennis pro, I certainly know that core strength is essential to the game. I can really feel my core. This is a great chair!”

Michal Jensen

Tennis Professional

Hear What Healthcare Professionals Are Saying

“The CoreChair fundamentally changes the nature of sitting from a passive activity to an active one. The effect that this has is principally on the muscles and joints of the body–particularly the low back . When the muscles are active they are coordinated and they are strong and they stay that way–they become healthier”

Dr. Jonas Eyford

Chiropractor, GSH Medical Clinic

“The CoreChair, supported by excellent scientific research, is a therapeutic aid for my post-op patients. It allows for an open hip angle for most of my post-operative total hip replacement patients and allows for optimal sitting postures with respect to loading the lumbar spine and lower extremity joints which is ideal for my post-operative knee patients.”

Dr. Patrick Gamble

Orthopedic Surgeon, Southlake Regional Health Centre

“I recommend the CoreChair to all my clients. A lot of my clients spend 12 hours a day sitting at their desks not moving…with the CoreChair they are able to keep everything moving throughout the day.

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Lisa Forsyth

Personal Trainer, CoreChair Fit Developer, Fitness by Forsyth

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