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Should you consider using an office chair with no armrests?

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

What is an office chair with no armrest?

The first question you should ask yourself, is why do office chairs have armrests in the first place. The most obvious answer is that they always have.

Reflecting on the history of chairs back to the ancient times of thrones, these designs typically included armrests.
In a very practical review it seems obvious that these armrests essentially act as outriggers to provide additional support from side to side.

Current day ergonomics suggests that the user of an office chair should be slightly reclined to distribute the support of the back up most of their spine and in theory reduce the pressure that might result from an otherwise collapsing spine.

However, when someone assumes this position while engaged in workstation activities that includes a computer monitor, their head orients to a position that optimizes their visual field, which places the head forward relative to the users chest, requiring the posterior neck and upper back muscles to become over engaged and encourages the thoracic spine to flex forward and the potential that the sit bones will creep forward on the sit surface.

All in the spine assumes a giant C curve.

black corechair classicWhen the sitter is in this position, the vertebrae are not aligned properly such that the facet joints are not allowed to function as built in lateral stabilizers.

In the absence of these built in stabilizers the user becomes reliant on these “outriggers” or arm supports to provide this stability.

Of greater concern, is that with all of this extra support, the user has less tendency to move.
Much research of late has examined the “perils of sitting”, with other taglines, “sitting disease” and “sitting is the new smoking”.

The problem in this context is not necessarily sitting but rather sitting and not moving.

A whole host of problems arise when we reduce or eliminate movement throughout the workday.
The most obvious is that when our spines are over supported, the natural musculature is not used and these muscles essentially atrophy from lack of use. The sitter becomes weaker. Arm rests become even more necessary and the cycle progresses.

The alternative to this slightly reclined position that necessitates armrests, is to sit more upright and engaged.
Many people do this when they are super focused on an activity at their desk and can be seen actually sitting on the front edge of their seat with their knees lower than their hips, thighs on a downward slope. This is an ideal position to align the spine, similar to when they are standing.

Obviously this position has very little support and causes the sitter to super engage their core stabilizing muscles to maintain this upright position. Fatigue is inevitable and eventually they collapse and assume a poor sitting posture.

However, if they are allowed to assume this same position with proper support of their pelvis, there is much less fatigue and they can not only maintain this position for a much longer period of time but they also train their postural stabilizing musculature to strengthen while they place the spine in a more naturally extended and balanced position with inherent lateral stability that does not require arm supports.

The unique feature of the office chair with no armrests from CoreChair

The CoreChair is designed to provide optimal pelvic positioning and support much like the foundation of a house and similar to an orthotic device that embraces an otherwise unstable joint in the body.

The unique feature of CoreChair is that it is intended to be an unstable sitting surface, as it encourages the sitter to move. This is an ideal scenario where the pelvis is well supported to optimize sitting posture and movement is introduced about a pivot point beneath the sitters center of balance, to stimulate muscle activity, neural pathways, blood flow and much more.

Proper pelvic positioning such as found in the CoreChair has been found to be very beneficial in addressing back pain that is caused by or exacerbated by sitting.

In many cases the person may find relief specifically in their lumbar spine as a result of this posterior tilting pelvic position. The relief comes from the neutral pelvic position that the CoreChair is designed to achieve.
However, many find relief in the upper back, neck and shoulders as a result of an optimally extended and aligned ascending spine that results in a balanced upright position where the ears align over the users shoulders and the spine assumes its natural alignment.

Of course, the obvious benefits of using a chair without arm rests include better core strengthening without the unnecessary additional support and better accommodation for workspaces that arm rests are known to interfere with.

Office chair with no armrests a smart solution for back pain.

features of a black corechair classicMoving on an office chair with no armrests from CoreChair provides an excellent opportunity to gradually work the back and core in a controlled manner to help avoid stiffness and alleviate pain. A healthy spine also requires a diversity of movement which involves stimulating blood flow, mobilizing the joints, strengthening core muscles, and hydrating the vertebral discs.

Movement and specific back exercises are needed to help alleviate and remedy back pain. Proper distribution of our weight when sitting is a critical factor in chair selection as it translates into seating comfort. Poorly designed chairs can result in uncomfortable pressure points and restriction of circulation.

Office with chair with no armrests from CoreChair is aggressively sculpted to embrace your sit bones and provide even weight distribution allowing your circulation to flow freely, so you can focus on your work, not your discomfort.

Physical activity, whether exercise in the gym or incidental movement on your office chair with no armrests, aids our cognitive power by stimulating blood flow to the brain, delivering oxygen and glucose to make us better able to work on tasks both simplistic and complex.

Introduce movement into your workday and experience the benefits of improved focus, increased productivity, and more brainpower! Improving your health one move at a time.

Buy the best office chair with no armrest at the CoreChair

If you are looking for the perfect office chair without armrests, CoreChair is the answer. Our office chairs feature a sleek and modern design that will look great in any office space. But there is much more to our office chairs than just good looks. They are designed with ergonomics in mind, so they are comfortable and supportive while you work. Seat angle, pelvic support and The height can also be adjusted to ensure that each user can find their ideal fit.

CoreChair office chairs have no armrests, giving the user plenty of room to move around in their chair and work comfortably at any angle. Not having armrests also allows for greater freedom of movement for users who may prefer typing or using a mouse at different angles or distances from their desk throughout the day.

The materials used in our office chairs are highly durable and made to last, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking down over time due to constant use. Our office chairs also feature breathable upholstery fabric that keeps air circulating throughout the day, keeping your body cool and comfortable even when working long hours.

At CoreChair, we strive to meet all of our customers’ needs when it comes to office seating solutions. We understand how important it is for office workers to feel comfortable and supported during their workday, which is why we provide quality office chairs without armrests that allow users optimal freedom of movement in their workspace.

Have a question or concern? We’re happy to help!

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