Black Friday: 15% OFF. Use code: BlackFriday2023. From 11/24 to 12/01!

Black Friday: 15% OFF

Use code: BlackFriday2023

11/24 to 12/01!


Below you will find a series of videos that will help you get started with your new office chair.

Warranty registration is at the bottom of this webpage. Please make sure to fill out this form to ensure you are eligible for your 3-year warranty.

Getting Started…
Written Instructions:

1. Retrieve base and place it upside down

2. Install casters and gas cylinder

3. Install seat and remove cushion from seat (if you have difficulty removing the seat cushion, insert a screwdriver under the front left corner to pry off the cushion).

4. Lift rear lever

5. Push backrest all the way back and release rear lever

6. Slide backrest rearwards until holes line up

7. Use first set of holes for the shorter setting

8. Or, for the taller setting slide backrest backward to reveal the second set of holes

7. Use hex key stored in seat to install screws

8. Place hex key back in the seat, and lift rear lever

9. Slide backrest lever back, release rear level

10. Install cushion

Adjusting for Fit & Comfort

Dismantling your Tango

Written Instructions:

1. Remove the seat cushion

2. Lift rear lever and slide backrest in to reveal the two bolts

3. Use hex key to remove the two bolts

4. Life rear lever and pull the backrest out

5. Place cushion back on the seat pan

6. Turn the Tango upside down on a flat surface

7. Locate your socket and place it over the gas cylinder

8. Hit socket with a hammer while applying upward pull on the base 

9. Lift front lever to expand the gas cylinder

10. Place the removal tool on the gas cylinder with the tapered end at the bottom

11. Use a hammer to hit the tool while applying upward pull on base

12. Use force to pull off the casters



Every Tango is eligible for a 3-year warranty.

To activate your coverage, please register below.

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