Working From Home Is The New Normal

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It’s hard to believe how much the world has changed in a few short weeks!  Many businesses have had to adjust to the new normal of having employees work from home. This brings with it many challenges as some people may have to juggle childcare while still trying to be productive from their home office.  It means setting up a dedicated workspace that will allow for productivity while working remotely. It also means getting used to using online meeting software effectively.

Setting up a dedicated workspace is key to making sure you are as productive as possible.  While working from your bed or the couch sounds cozy it will give you a pain in the neck and/or back after a while. The most important part of a home office is your chair.  Your chair should be an investment (not an expense) in your productivity and your wellbeing.  The CoreChair is an ergonomic active sitting chair that promotes optimal sitting posture while reducing back pain.  It has the added benefit of being a compact chair that works well in a home office as it doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be easily tucked into a desk when not in use.

woman sitting with bad posture vs good posture

When setting up your workspace it’s important to have your desk at the right height so you don’t end up with neck, back and or arm pain. See below for our tips on setting it up correctly.

How to Set Up Your Desk Properly

1. Your chair should be at a height so that the elbows are at a 90 degree bend.

2. Sit close to the desk so that your ears, shoulders, elbows and hips can fall in one line.

3. Having a chair without arm rests allows for a more natural and balanced position of the spine. Chairs with armrests tend to promote chronic leaning and therefore promotes poor posture habits.

Proper Desk Height vs bad desk height

It’s really important to set up a regular schedule so that you don’t get easily distracted by things like laundry or checking your social media.  But make sure you take time for regular breaks to stretch , get outside for some fresh air and sunshine.  And it so important to maintain a healthy immune system by eating well and getting lots of sleep.  If you need some inspiration on some exercises and stretches you can do in your home office check out these CoreFit videos on YouTube.

It also really helps to find ways to spark joy in your home office.  Keeping it clutter free will help improve your mental focus.  Add things that make you feel happy like plants, kids artwork, flowers, nice stationary but keep it fairly minimal so your desk space remains tidy.

Let’s hope that life will return to normal again soon and we will all be stronger because of it.

Stay healthy!

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