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CoreChair Tango, Classic & Sport Assembly Instructions

Build Your Corechair

CoreChair Assembly pieces found inside the box.
CoreChair Assembly Steps 1 -31. Flip base upside down and use force to put on wheels / castors2. Attached gas cylinder3. Put on Seat

1. Retrieve base and place it upside down

2. Install casters (Note: The wheels will take some extra force, don’t worry they won’t break.) For additional support watch our install video below for technique.

3. Flip the base over and install the gas cylinder

4. Install seat / mechanism onto the top of the gas cylinder and remove cushion from seat (if you have difficulty removing the cushion, use a flat object to pry open the front left corner).

5. Lift rear lever on the Left side and insert the heavy metal bar (attached to the back rest) into the back of the seat / mechanism. Slide the metal bar all the way forward.

  1. You should be able to see threaded holes that will accept the short bolts that are designed to secure the back to the seat.
  2. Use hex key stored in seat pan to install screws
  3. Once installed snugly, you will still be able to move the back in and out by lifting the same lever.
CoreChair Assembly Step 5 attach back rest.

6. If you are shorter, these holes will be appropriate, and you can install the two short bolts that can be found in the small plastic bag.

  1. Use hex key stored in seat pan to install screws
  2. Once installed snuggly, you will still be able to move the back in and out by lifting the same lever.

7. Or, for the taller setting, lift the same rear lever and slide backrest backward to reveal the second set of holes. Follow the same procedure as above.

CoreChair Assembly Step 7 - 8 seat adjustment with hex key

8. Place hex key back in the seat, and lift rear lever

9. Slide backrest as far back as possible and then release rear lever

10. Reinstall the seat cushion by lining up the four socket connections on the underside of the seat cushion, onto the four ball connections on the seat pan.

11. Now you are ready to follow the fitting instructions.

If you need additional assistance please contact us.

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Opening the eco-friendly packaging of the CoreChair to being putting it together.



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