The Core Design

CoreChair is not your traditional office chair. Paying little attention to convention or tradition, we chose to focus on you, the sitter. Our tech innovation concentrates on optimal posture by stabilizing your pelvis and introducing movement.

Patented technology meets detailed innovation.

A Better Back Support

 Traditional ergonomic office chairs still include a tall back rest as a reflection of corporate advancement. Contrary to popular belief, tall backs serve little purpose other than a carry-over of prestige or an opportunity to lounge in a diminished functional position– relaxed (case in point: the iconic Aeron Chair by Herman Miller was originally designed as a chair for the aging population!). This allows the body to settle into a reclined position which is most cases results in poor alignment of the user’s body relative to their work station. In addition, resting the back muscles all day on a tall backrest leads to muscle atrophy. So, the CoreChair was designed to provide optimal postural support and activate the key postural muscles!

One of the most notable features of the CoreChair is its innovative pelvic support cushion. It was designed to stabilize and hugs the top, posterior side of the pelvis, helping to prevent slumping, optimize sitting posture, and reduce back pain. This support works in conjunction with the sculpted seat to stabilize the pelvis and create a balanced spine posture, eliminating the need for a traditional tall back. The optimal support system of the CoreChair encourages proper posture and allows for greater movement.

In fact, a study at Memorial University found that participants sitting in the CoreChair adopted a more upright posture and experienced lower perceived levels of back pain and stiffness than those sitting in a tall back control chair!

Research-Backed Evidence-Based Design

Freedom from Arm Rests

CoreChair users enjoy freedom of movement without armrests. Users can move right into their workstations without the distraction of armrests bumping up against the desk, keeping them from having to stretch their arms forward to reach their keyboards. On conventional office chairs, armrests are often inappropriately adjusted. When set too high, they tend to push the shoulders upward and can contribute to nerve impingement in the forearm. Without the arm rests, users are able to put their chair right under their desks and be actively engaged in their workstation.

When sitting engaged in our active sitting CoreChair, the heel of the hands rest on the work surface and arms are free to move unencumbered by armrests!

Arm rests add to the sedentary outcome that is hazardous to our health- so we eliminated them!

Inspired by the Stability Ball

The CoreChair was inspired by the widespread prevalence of back pain, the negative effects of sedentary lifestyles and the trend towards exercise balls in the office. The amount of static sitting we do in a day contributes to obesity, disease and back pain, otherwise known as the sitting disease. Alternative solutions, such as exercise balls and standing desks were introduced in the absence of sound research and provide little opportunity for physical activity or adequate back support. Exercise balls and standing desks over-exhaust the muscles and can lead to worsening postures.

The design of the CoreChair encourages movement in all directions to 14 degrees; enhancing joint mobilization of the hips, pelvis, and spine; increasing blood flow, circulation and calorie expenditure. The CoreChair provides optimal postural support so that the muscles do not fatigue during the workday. We have 911 operators who sit on CoreChairs for their 12-hour shifts and continue to rave about them!

 Dr. Callaghan from the University of Waterloo concluded that the CoreChair was found to be equal to an exercise ball in the ability to recruit core stabilizing muscles thereby showing the CoreChair is more efficient at introducing desired movement and an exercise opportunity while providing postural support. 

Move often, sit actively, and use supportive office furniture!

Technology & Features of the CoreChair Classic

features of a black corechair classic

Sculpted Seat

We made our seat highly sculpted to relieve pressure points, prevent sliding, and deliver comfort.



Our innovative technology is designed to encourage fluidic movement in all directions up to 14 degrees with an adjustable resistance feature that allows you to personalize your level of movement.


Pelvic Support

Our seat cushion works in conjunction with the low back support, to stabilize the pelvis, optimize your sitting posture, and reduce back pain and slumping at your desk.

Additional Features


NEAT™ refers to the energy we expend on activity we undertake outside of the gym and aside from sleeping or eating. The NEAT™ program developed by MAYO clinic reminds us that continuous low intensity movement is extremely valuable for our health.


The CoreChair exceeded all of the BIFMA safety and durability criteria…but our goal was to go well beyond these standards to achieve a quality outcome that allowed us to provide a 8 year warranty.


Dimensions & Specs

corechair measurements - universal height

The Benefits

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