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The CoreChair is an innovative office chair backed by research and crafted to promote active sitting and better posture. Its unique design includes a stabilization feature that focuses on the upper rear pelvis, effectively preventing slumping and fostering a more upright spine alignment. This ergonomic chair also includes a contoured seat that hugs the pelvis, enhancing posture and reducing the risk of back pain. Aimed at boosting muscle engagement and improving cognitive function, the CoreChair is tailored for those looking to maintain health and comfort while seated for extended periods.

CoreChair exceeded all of the BIFMA safety and durability criteria but our goal was to go well beyond these standards to achieve a quality outcome that allowed us to provide a 8 year warranty.

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NEAT™ by MAYO Clinic refers to the energy we expend on activity we undertake outside of the gym and aside from sleeping or eating.

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We understand our product is different, and that’s a good thing, we promise. Give us an honest try and if you’re not satisfied after the trial period, reach out to us. We even offer a complimentary 1-on-1 virtual consultation with our team Kinesiologist. 

We Are Different

for a reason

CoreChair was designed to focus on YOU, the one sitting in the chair. Our innovation concentrates on optimal posture by stabilizing your pelvis and introducing regular movement while sitting.

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Low Back for More Support

CoreChair’s ergonomic sculpted seat and supportive low back work together to position your pelvis in an upright vertical orientation which encourages your spine to find a natural balance that does not require added supports.


Arm Rest Free for better posture

For optimal seated posture, armrests are not needed; they may even encourage poor habits like leaning, which disrupts posture and increases forearm pressure. Ideal positioning requires loose upper arms and elbows at or just above 90 degrees, with hands on the work surface.


CoreChair was developed with a research-based approach to address Sitting Disease and back pain.

We continue to partner with esteemed institutions to undertake significant research validating the health benefits, safety, and durability of the CoreChair.