Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis certification program

The Mayo Clinic’s NEAT™ (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) certification program looks at solutions that will increase energy expenditure, at low intensity, long durations, to combat obesity and the harmful physiological outcomes of sedentariness.

CoreChair is NEAT™ Certified

What is NEAT™?

NEAT™ refers to the energy we expend on activity we undertake outside of the gym and aside from sleeping or eating. Within the home, NEAT™ activity includes vacuuming, gardening, or sweeping. In the workplace it could include pacing, climbing the stairs, stretching during boardroom sessions, walking around, typing and even fidgeting.

How Does it Work?

Today, sedentary lifestyles pose an enormous health risk, taking a toll on individuals as well as on employers. For many years the dangers of inactive lifestyles have been known. According to the World Health Organization, “Physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths globally.”

The science of NEAT™ tells us that activity, all activity, is important and has an impact on metabolic demand (caloric expenditure) and cardiovascular health. Even minimal activity increases one’s metabolic rate, and over the course of a day the cumulative results of NEAT™ activity is significant.

“Physical activity” and “exercise” are not interchangeable terms. Exercise is a subcategory of physical activity and is planned, structured, repetitive, and purposeful with a fitness objective. Physical activity includes exercise in addition to other activities such as folding laundry, pacing, chores, fidgeting and other recreational activities.

NEAT™ and the CoreChair

CoreChair conquers the perils of sitting by way of a unique postural support system that focuses on the pelvis as the foundation, providing a balanced neutral sitting posture. With this optimized posture, the CoreChair provides fluidic motion through a range of 14 degrees in all directions, enhancing joint mobilization of the hips, pelvis and spine. This movement stimulates circulation, hydrates and nourishes the vertebral discs and engages and strengthens the core stabilizing muscles. This directly addresses the negative impacts of sedentary outcomes associated with fixed chairs and provides a training effect that reduces sitting back pain with a carry-over benefit to other activities of daily living. The adjustable resistance of the CoreChair provides one with benefits they might expect from an exercise ball in the gym.

Many workplaces today provide opportunities for movement; behaviour modification, biofeedback, standing work stations and even treadmill desks are all options that strive to introduce movement into our activities of daily living. Active sitting is another option that introduces incidental movement throughout the day: neat!

About Patrick Harrison

CEO and Founder Patrick Harrison, Kinesiologist, is a passionate advocate for the power of movement to dramatically improve our health. “I can see a future office where the health and wellness of the employee is the standard precursor to the success of that business.”

Evaluation of CoreChair for NEAT™ certification showed that active sitting on the CoreChair increased caloric burn (metabolic demand) by 20 % and not surprisingly with exercise, by 150%
NEAT™ Certification

The science of NEAT™ was developed and trademarked by the Mayo Clinic. The NEAT™ mark provides an assurance to consumers that certified products meet the science behind NEAT™ and have been evaluated to determine their capability to help people achieve specific health goals. CoreChair received NEAT™ certification in 2016.