Black Friday: 15% OFF. Use code: BlackFriday2023. From 11/24 to 12/01!

Black Friday: 15% OFF

Use code: BlackFriday2023

11/24 to 12/01!


Below you will find an assembly video to help you get started with your new active sitting perch stool.

Please note that your CorePerch has a 2-year warranty. Please register your warranty below.

Getting Started…

Written Instructions:

1. Open the box

2. Take all components out of the box

3. Open the tall cardboard box to reveal the gas cylinder

4. Place gas cylinder into the base 

5. Place cap over top of the base

6. Place gas cylinder cover over top of the gas cylinder  

7. Remove seat cushion from the cloth bag

8. Place seat cushion on top of the base by lining up the holes

7. Use force to secure the cushion onto the base

8. Use the button on the right-hand side of the seat pan to adjust the height 

Dismantling & Repacking the CorePerch…


Every Perch is eligible for a 2-year warranty.

To activate your coverage, please register below.

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