Active Sitting As a Corporate Wellness Strategy

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Core Concepts

Corporate wellness is on the rise to attract and retain quality employees, ensure the health of their team and address their productivity objectives. This is truly a win/ win scenario and with an open mind and a departure from traditional corporate norms that limit access to very effective strategies, employees are beginning to feel much more appreciated. At CoreChair we have met many organizations who exemplify a corporate wellness mission, but want to take a moment to reflect on one of these companies. is a Toronto based software development company that realized the benefit of connecting with their team to determine what they want and need in their work place to optimize their employment experience.

Since our employees spend so many hours at a desk, we want to look out for them and make sure they are taken care of… so we fully endorse CoreChair.

-Drew Coderre, VP of HR, Messagepoint

As you enter their downtown space the first thing that you see is a well-appointed refreshment and rest area with a pool table and an assortment of other distraction opportunities. The open concept office area was recently upgraded to introduce sit-to-stand work tops and the employee’s choice of 4 different office chairs.

“I spend tons of hours in the chair working, and its made a big switch for me posture wise, energy wise, and activity wise…I have also found that I have been able to relieve tension in my neck.”

Steven Biancaniello

CEO, Messagepoint

What was more impressive than the final workspace design was the process that they engaged in to achieve this. Drew Coderre, VP of Human Resources, took the lead to engage the team to explore options that would make their space the best. They provided options for chairs, desks, monitors and other ergonomic solutions and arranged for samples to be circulated and explained to ensure an early understanding of expectations.

Not only does this approach to team participation allow for collective decision making but it also ensures that the employee gets the right product and uses it as it was intended. CoreChair was pleased to be part of this process and we enjoy the opportunity to visit and receive the feedback on our product’s contribution to their Wellness initiatives.

Good on ya MessagePoint!


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