Much of the earlier prototypes for CoreChair were based on technology transfer from existing products, 3-D modelling and 3-D printing. While this is an effective approach to determine functional tolerances, the real engineering takes place when actually designing the tools, making parts, testing, failing, redesigning, changing tools and retesting. Failure is most often the greatest teacher.
We were becoming anxious to end the development journey and begin the product launch but we had to remain patient to ensure that we got it just right.

In addition to the engineering, and tight tolerances that we had to consider the issue of materials and components weighed in. 

In an attempt to be environmentally sensitive, we reviewed in detail how each component was made. This meant fully understanding the strength and durability of recycled and recyclable materials. The casters also had to be a perfect fit for the design and while these seem like a foregone conclusion there is a wide range of quality casters and on the path of designing a product of the highest quality of course we selected the best and in turn the most expensive. No one wants a chair that has a limited life expectancy because the caster breaks or sticks impeding their mobility.

Along this course was the selection of a quality manufacturing partner and we found ourselves discussing this with many potential options but deciding that the quality of Oasys Chair Manufacturing of Tainan City, Taiwan had all of the right qualities. 

This Asian based company already produced office chairs for 2 of the top 5 North American companies and their engineering team was keen to take on this rather different and complex product. The very cool part of this new relationship was the many trips that I made to Taiwan to thoroughly check them out and begin working with them.

This cultural exchange experience was a true positive life experience as I got to know their team and their true passion for quality.

While my first choice was to have product manufactured in North America we encountered a lot of resistance due to the complexity of this design. This resistance generally manifested itself as huge costs to get started and unreasonably high component prices. As it turns out, one company was planning to have the tools that would be used to produce, manufactured in China and shipped over. 

While many people still share their protectionism for domestic production, more realize the future of global economies. For CoreChair it really meant producing a quality end product at a reasonable price.

With a continued passion for the highest quality, every container of chairs that arrive in North America are delivered to our warehouse partners at DHL and each chair undergoes a thorough quality inspection. 

Each order is shipped via UPS with a 8-year warranty and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. 

We believe that CoreChair is more than a healthy chair, it is also great value.

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