How to stop slouching?

Sitting in the same position for an extended period of time can lead to poor posture and slouching. Slouching can cause pain and discomfort in the back, neck, and shoulders. Poor posture is also linked to an increased risk of developing long-term spinal issues. One way to prevent this is by using a supportive office chair such as the CoreChair Classic.
When attempting to understand why you slouch, consider how well your pelvis is supported. This is the ideal place to begin your journey and it is very similar to how we build a house. We need to begin with a good foundation.

Slouching tends to be associated with a pelvic position that is tilted rearward at the top in a way that almost has you sitting on your tailbone. Your sit bones have a tendency to slide forward on a flat seat and this results in a rearward tilted pelvis.

When the pelvis is tilted in this manner, the natural inward or lordotic curve of the lumbar spine, flattens. This results in this portion of the spine actually flexing forward. When the spine flexes for long durations there are a couple of mechanical consequences. First, the supportive soft tissues that encircle and support the spine become stretched on the rear profile of the spine and compressed or shortened on the front side. This is also known as soft tissue creep. The longer term outcome is instability of the spine between vertebrae and compromised structural integrity when engaging in other activities of daily living.

The second consequence is the increased potential that the intervertebral disc, the gelatinous material that cushions between the vertebrae can be forced to push out of this space usually referred to as a bulging disc. This material can then cause pressure on the nerve roots as they leave the spine. Picture the effect of pinching your garden hose to get a sense of how the passage of nerve impulses may be affected. This interference can lead to pain as well as muscle impairment and even function of certain organs.

The solution begins with the introduction of a seating solution that embraces your pelvis and encourages a more vertical position in an attempt to maintain some lumbar extension and avoid these potentially debilitating outcomes.

CoreChair achieves this solution by introducing to primary support features. On the seat cushion the sculpted shape prevents the sit bones from sliding forward. On the back cushion, the intended contact is the top of the back of your pelvis. These two supports work together to keep your pelvis upright and encourages your back to assume a more naturally balanced orientation. When properly adjusted you should feel nice balance up your spine with your ears comfortably over your shoulders.

To further prevent slouching, it is important to take breaks from sitting every 30 minutes. This gives your body a chance to move around and stretch out any tension built up in your muscles from being in one position for too long. Taking regular walks is also beneficial; studies have shown that walking for just 10 minutes after lunch helps reduce fatigue and improve concentration levels throughout the afternoon hours.

How can I fix my posture permanently?

The best way to fix your posture permanently is by committing to making lifestyle changes that promote better postural alignment and strength. This includes incorporating stretching, strengthening exercises, proper body mechanics when sitting or standing, wearing supportive shoes, and using a quality posture support office chair like the CoreChair Classic. CoreChair also incorporates an active sitting mechanism that allows ongoing incidental movement that increases your metabolism by as much as 20% over conventional office chairs without notable exertion. By engaging in common exercises as you might do at the gym on an exercise ball, you can expect to increase your metabolism similar to walking at 2.5mph. These findings were the outcome by a study conducted by The Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University.

More importantly, the ability to stimulate your core stabilizing muscles through this movement will allow you to strengthen these and prevent slouching.

By following these simple steps, you can see lasting improvements in your posture over time.

Is posture support important in an office chair?

Posture support is of the utmost importance when it comes to office chairs. Poor posture can lead to a host of physical ailments, including back and neck pain, poor circulation, and general fatigue. A chair that offers proper support for the spine, shoulders, and head helps to encourage good posture which can reduce these symptoms over time.

Bad posture can lead to a back pain. How to prevent it?

Back pain can have many causes, such as poor posture, prolonged sitting in a chair without support, weak core muscles, overuse of the lower back muscles during physical activities or sports, and posture issues caused by medical conditions like scoliosis, ankylosing spondylitis and others.

It is important to keep in mind that back pain is not limited to the lower back region but is also prevalent in the mid back or thoracic region and in the neck, the cervical region. Balance and alignment of the vertebrae is the primary objective but it all begins with the pelvis. By properly supporting your pelvis and encouraging natural extension of your lumbar spine and naturally assuming a position with your ears over your shoulders, we have some assurance that we have optimized our posture.

This is further enhanced by opening your hip angle by lowering the height of your knees relative to your sit bones. This further enables your pelvis to assume a more vertical position.

Orientation of your seated position to your workspace will further determine your posture. Ensure that your elbows are bent at 90 degrees or slightly more when your hands rest lightly on the surface of your table top. Adjust your monitor so that your eyes are looking straight across at the top of the monitor.

Avoid dependence on arm rests as they contribute to immobility and encourage leaning from one side to the other. If your chair has arm rests ensure that they are not adjusted too high as this will trigger a shrug response in your upper back and shoulder muscles.


Maintaining proper posture is essential to preventing back pain. Sitting in an office chair all day can lead to poor posture, as the chair may not provide adequate support for the spine. It is important to invest in an office chair that is designed to reduce pressure on the spine, such as a posture support office chair. The CoreChair Classic is an ergonomic office chair that provides excellent pelvic support and promotes a healthy sitting posture but also moves with a patented mechanism that allows up to 14 degrees tilt in all directions. This movement is key to keeping the muscles stimulated, enhancing blood and lymphatic flow, hydrating intervertebral discs, organ function and more. Studies have concluded CoreChair and this movement not only increases metabolic function but also enhances cognitive function and blood circulation. Overall this design helps distribute weight evenly and keep muscles engaged while sitting, so users can stay comfortable throughout long workdays. By using this type of posture support office chair, employees can be sure they are reducing their risk of developing back pain due to inadequate seating arrangements.


Overweight is one of the leading causes of lower back pain. It is particularly due to strain on the spine that can result in muscle and ligament strain, as well as joint inflammation. The extra weight puts additional pressure on the lower back muscles and spine, which can lead to pain and discomfort. Poor posture is also a contributing factor for lower back pain for overweight people. Sitting for extended periods of time in an office chair that does not provide sufficient support for your body can cause the spine to adopt an unnatural position, which can lead to further discomfort.
The CoreChair provides superior posture support for those who are overweight and have lower back pain. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort while providing lumbar positioning needed to reduce stress on the lower back muscles and spine.

Traditional Office Chair

Traditionally designed office chairs that do not adequately address sitting posture are one of the leading causes of lower back pain. Many office workers spend up to eight hours a day seated on an unsuitable chair, which can cause poor posture and strain on the back muscles. Poor posture leads to constant tension in the neck, shoulders, and spine, resulting in chronic back pain in various regions. Investing in a good quality posture support office chair can help alleviate this problem and provide long-term relief. The CoreChair is a great example – it provides much-needed pelvic support while allowing users to move freely, enabling them to maintain good posture throughout the day. It also incorporates advanced ergonomics that evenly distribute pressure across your body for ultimate comfort and support. With its unique design, CoreChair eliminates any pressure points and helps keep your spine in a healthy alignment for maximum relief from lower back pain.

Increase your comfort and productivity with a posture support office chair from CoreChair

Increased comfort and productivity in the office by improving posture support with CoreChair resulting in a increase in focus and concentration during work hours. Boasting a unique design optimized for comfort and performance, this chair offers optimal back support and encourages healthy posture even during long hours of sitting. The tilt tension control ensures that the chair stays in place no matter how much you move around while working. With up to 250 lbs weight capacity, this chair is ideal for everyone regardless of size or shape. With its stylish look and quality construction, the CoreChair will make any office look great while providing excellent comfort and posture support for years to come.

The CoreChair design accommodates this intuitive engaged sitting position by comfortably embracing the user’s pelvis from the underside in front of the sit bones and from the top at the back of the pelvis. The sculpted seat cradles the sit bones and tailbone, providing ideal comfort and preventing the sit bones from sliding forward. The pelvic stabilizer compliments that support by supporting the top of the back of the pelvis.

This combination encourages a more stable vertical pelvis which in turn encourages a more vertical and balanced ascending spine. Combine this support with a more open hip angle, where your knees are lower than your hips, your biomechanics are more naturally balanced.

The use of a properly designed lower height back further allows the ability to move your back through the range of motion that was intended. Flexion, extension and rotation.
Pelvic support already present in the shaping of the back cushion

The CoreChair is an ergonomic office chair that offers unparalleled posture support. Its contoured back cushion is designed to naturally cradle the spine and provide exceptional pelvic and lumbar support. With its advanced technology and design, the CoreChair can help reduce fatigue caused by poor posture while providing optimal spinal alignment. This helps users maintain good posture throughout the day and avoid complications such as chronic neck and back pain. By investing in this quality office chair, you can stay comfortable and productive for hours on end!

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