What makes an active sitting stool effective?

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There remains some uncertainty about the distinction between an active sitting stool and an active sitting chair. Generally speaking a stool has a smaller sit surface and little to no back support.

What makes an active sitting stool effective?An active sitting stool such as the CorePerch by CoreChair Inc, incorporates a sculpted sit surface to provide a comfortable base of support for the users sit bones and lower pelvis and a point of pivot at the base, to provide comfortable perched positioning and active sitting.

An active sitting chair generally provides more optimized postural positioning and encourages movement. The CoreChair Classic and Tango models focus on excellent support of the pelvis from the back of the thighs, under the sit bones and up to the top of the pelvis.

This orthotic shape is very much like wearing a properly fitted pair of Birkenstock shoes that are designed to provide optimal support, cushioning and allow movement of the users feet.

Benefit of an active sitting stool

The obvious benefit of an active sitting stool and an active sitting chair is that they encourage movement that is otherwise discouraged when sitting in a traditional fixed stool or ergonomic chair.

Most therapists and other allied medical professionals, would agree that movement is essential for the health of our bodies. Many phrases of wisdom exist such as “movement is medicine”, “motion is lotion” and more, all encouraging movement as a primary necessity for a healthy body.

An active sitting stool can come in many forms and generally allows the user to sit higher relative to a traditional ergonomic chair or even an ergonomic active sitting chair. When the user sits higher, their knees are usually positioned much lower than their hips. This position allows the pelvis to remain much more vertical which in turn encourages the spine into an upright balanced position up to the neck and head.

In most cases an active sitting stool or even a traditional stool are not intended to be used for prolonged periods but rather they provide some respite from continuous standing in one position. The value of an active sitting stool is that the user can change their position through a fluid motion that stimulates blood flow, muscle activity and nerve conduction.

When someone is dependent on sitting for a prolonged period, an ergonomic active sitting chair is much more appropriate. This is a chair that has some similarities to a traditional ergonomic chair but incorporates a mechanism that encourages movement.

If a person has a sit to stand desk, which is a beneficial feature in a work space, it is encouraged that they stand when the desk surface is elevated and possibly use an active sitting stool to take breaks from this standing position. Ideally, the user lowers the work surface and uses an active sitting chair in this position so that they are well supported and can benefit from subtle movement.

The sitting surface on an active sitting stool can come in very different shapes. The most common is the obvious flat seat that is round and quite small and allows support for the users sit bones

three coreperch active sitting stoolsSome active sitting stools have saddle seats and the CorePerch by CoreChair has a sculpted seat that allows some better support when the user decides to sit in it when it is lowered, to reduce pressure over the sit bones and tail bone.

Active sitting stools should be selected carefully to ensure that they are safe and will have minimal risk of tipping while in use. The CorePerch has a limited range of motion to 5 degrees in all directions. This offers a simple swaying motion very similar to sitting on an exercise ball.

If the active sitting stool is allowed to sway too much past the base, it may become unstable.

When one finds themselves sitting too much it is best to move and an active sitting stool or an active sitting chair is the best approach.

If you are considering either solution check out the well designed active sitting solutions by CoreChair.

CoreChair products are developed by a Kinesiologist with the human body and optimal healthy positioning as the priority and healthy movement as the distinctive feature from traditional stools or ergonomic chairs.

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