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Comfortable chairs for people with coccyx pain

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Core Concepts

Why does my coccyx hurt when sitting?

Many people suffer from coccyx pain when sitting in office chairs, and there can be several causes of this discomfort. The most common cause is sitting in a chair that does not provide adequate support for the lower back and tailbone area, putting pressure on the coccyx region. Poor posture and sedentary lifestyle habits such as slouching can also cause coccydynia – an inflammation of the tailbone that leads to pain when sitting down. Other possible causes could include an injury or trauma to the area, a congenital defect, and pelvic instability which is often caused by childbirth or other activities that strain the muscles in the lower back.

CoreChair is designed specifically for those with coccyx pain that can reduce or even eliminate this discomfort by providing support for both your lower back and tailbone area. CoreChair with features like adjustable pelvic support, that encourages optimal lumbar curvature, adjustable seat depth (to ensure your legs are at a greater than 90-degree angle to your torso), and a comfortable cushioning system that takes pressure off of your coccyx joint. CoreChair also helps promote good posture while sitting so you’re less likely to experience discomfort due to slouching or hunching over.

If office chairs aren’t helping alleviate your pain, it’s important to consult a physician or physical therapist, osteopath or chiropractor, who specializes in treating conditions related to the spine and joints for further investigation into what might be causing your pain. Depending on their findings, they may recommend specific exercises or stretches you can do at home as well as more specialized treatments such as physical therapy or even surgery in certain cases. Regardless of the cause of your discomfort, finding office chairs designed with coccyx pain relief in mind can make all the difference when it comes to being able to work comfortably and without interruption.

How should I sit to relieve coccyx pain?

When sitting for long periods of time, it is important to find office chairs that are designed to help alleviate coccyx pain. The human coccyx, or tailbone, is sensitive to pressure and irritation from office chairs that do not have the proper support or cushioning. Fortunately, there are office chairs available today specifically designed to help reduce the strain on the spine and provide relief from coccyx pain.

When shopping for office chairs for coccyx pain, look for ones that provide ample pelvic positioning that encourages good lumbar extension that in turn prevents posterior pelvic tilt that places excessive pressure over the tailbone area. If possible, try out several models before deciding on one so you can find one which feels the most comfortable when sitting in it for long periods of time.

The shape of the seat is critical in an attempt to provide even pressure distribution across the sitting surface and reduce sitting pressure over this tailbone region. The CoreChair Classic and Tango models have a seat design that was originally introduced to assist persons dependent on wheelchairs for mobility. Many in this category had compromised sensation and the primary concern was the prevention of tissue trauma from prolonged excessive pressure. Much of this pressure was caused by poor pelvic positioning but exacerbated by an inability to shift position or an awareness for the need as well as a depletion of muscle tissue that would offer some added protection.

Finally, make sure the office chair you select has a good warranty as warranties typically guarantee repair parts or replacements if something goes wrong with the chair over time. By following these guidelines when selecting office chairs for coccyx pain relief, you should be able to greatly reduce your discomfort while working at your desk.

What type of chair should you sit in with coccyx pain?

What type of chair is best for office work?When it comes to office chairs for coccyx pain, selecting the right chair is essential to managing your discomfort and relieving pain. It is important to pick a chair that actively supports your pelvic-lumbar region and helps keep you in an ergonomically correct posture while sitting. CoreChairs includes cushioning and shape that reduces pressure on the tailbone area.

Another feature that makes CoreChair designed specifically for individuals with coccyx pain so comfortable is tilt control. Tilt control allows you to adjust the angle of your seat over time while sitting without having to get up every time you want a change in position. This helps relieve pressure points over the tailbone and along your spine, especially if you have a tendency to slouch while working long hours at a desk job.

Finally, it’s important to invest in office chairs that are made of high quality materials that are designed to last over time. Make sure the office chair has five-star base construction for maximum stability and durability when you’re seated in it for long periods of time. When shopping for an office chair tailored toward managing coccyx pain, consider these features before making your purchase – they will surely make all the difference when it comes to enjoying a comfortable workday!

CoreChair – Comfortable chairs for people with coccyx pain

CoreChair is the perfect office chair for those who suffer from coccyx pain. These chairs are designed to provide the utmost comfort with a special focus on relieving and preventing low back pain and coccyx discomfort. Our office chairs feature an advanced orthopedic design, with a contoured seat cushion that provides optimal support while also helping to reduce pressure on the lower spine, to help promote healthy posture and proper alignment.

At CoreChair, we understand how difficult it can be living with chronic lower back and coccyx pain and we have designed our office chairs specifically for people who experience this type of discomfort. We prioritize keeping Coccyx Pain sufferers comfortable by providing them with office chairs that offer improved ergonomics and and optimal sitting posture. Our office chairs are designed to help reduce and prevent pain while promoting improved posture and spinal health.

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