What is an active seating stool?

An active seating stool is a type of furniture that promotes movement and healthy posture while sitting at a traditional sit to stand desk. We know from recent research that standing all day creates stress on the body and it is advisable to either alternate between sitting and standing or taking frequent breaks on a stool to help relieve these stressors. Traditional stools may assist with this alternate positioning but an active sitting stool delivers more. An active seating stool has a unique design that allows the user to move freely while they remain in the seated position, thereby providing ergonomic benefits such as improved circulation and lower stress on the back, neck, and shoulders. The stool typically features a wide, curved base with an adjustable height that allows users to customize their seating position. It may also includes a footrest or prop for extra comfort and support. Additionally, active seating stools are designed to promote better posture and reduce fatigue by allowing for a slight rocking motion, which helps reduce back strain and discomfort through this simple process of pivoting.

Are active stools good for you?

Active sitting with an active seating stool can be beneficial for your health. Studies have shown that actively sitting on a stool will provide a good break from standing and encourages better posture and improved spinal alignment, reducing the risk of back pain and fatigue. Additionally, active stools help to promote dynamic movement throughout the day, which can help to reduce stiffness, increase circulation, and engage your core stabilizing muscle groups. People who use active seating stools also report feeling more energized and focused. Furthermore, these stools are often adjustable in height and shape, allowing you to customize your posture as needed for optimal comfort. With all these benefits combined, it is no wonder that active stools can be a great addition to any modern workspace or home office environment!

What is the active sitting position?

The active sitting position is an upright and engaged ergonomic posture designed to reduce muscle tension, increase circulation and improve overall wellbeing. It involves using a specially designed stool like CorePerch that encourages movement and dynamic positioning to keep the body in optimal balance throughout the day. By engaging both your legs and core muscles, it enables you to maintain a neutral spine and helps reduce pressure points caused by spending long periods of time seated in one static position. Furthermore, it allows for spontaneous transitions between postures, enabling you to move freely without interruption or discomfort.

Benefits of CorePerch active seating stool

The CorePerch active seating stool provides a unique way to stay productive and comfortable while working at a stand up or sit to stand desk or table. Unlike traditional stools, this innovative stool helps keep the body in an upright posture with its adjustable height feature, allowing users to move their hips and engage their core muscles. Additionally, the sculpted seat with a built-in pelvic support helps maintain proper alignment of the spine to reduce lower back pain. The stool also encourages frequent movement and shifting of positions which can help increase circulation and alertness as well as improve overall posture. Not only does using it help promote better physical health, but studies have also shown that it can lead to improved cognitive performance by reducing fatigue and increasing focus. The CorePerch active seating stool is ideal for those looking for an ergonomic option for staying comfortable and productive while working at a tall work surface or a sit to stand desk, throughout their workday.
The objective is to provide a break from standing by perching on the leading edge of the seat cushion or adjusting it lower for a short terms sitting solution where you would sit further back into the sculpted seat cushion. If you plan to sit for longer periods of time and have a height adjustable sit to stand desk, you should consider either a CoreChair Classic or CoreChair Tango ergonomic chair for optimal pelvic support and spinal alignment.

What makes CorePerch different from others?

CorePerch is an active seating stool that offers a unique combination of features designed to promote healthier posture, comfort, and stability. Unlike traditional stools, CorePerch has a special design that allows it to support the user’s pelvic area while they are seated or perched.

Its innovative design features including the Dynamic Support System make it stand out among other active seating stools on the market today.

– Sculpted Seat Cushion

The CorePerch active seating stool is designed to promote healthier posture and greater physical comfort while working. It features a specially sculpted seat cushion that provides optimal pelvic support, helping to improve core balance and enhance circulation. The curved shape of the seat also encourages users to alternate between, sitting in the cushion at a lower height or perching on the leading edge of the cushion when elevated, providing better body alignment and reducing the risk of developing lower back pain. With its adjustable height range and ergonomic design, the CorePerch active seating stool is the perfect choice for those looking for an upgrade in their seating experience, when using a high counter or sit to stand desk.

– Hydraulic Lifting System

CorePerch’s active seating stool, powered by a hydraulic lifting system, provides ergonomic support and comfort to help users stay productive and energized. The CorePerch is designed with a lightweight metal base that is easy to move around as needed, allowing users to switch between standing and sitting positions throughout the day without having to readjust their furniture or workspace. Thanks to its functional design, the CorePerch provides effective lumbar support and encourages improved posture for increased productivity and reduced fatigue.

– Dynamic Range of Motion

The CorePerch active seating stool is a dynamic, revolutionary alternative to traditional stools or perching devises. This unique stool accommodates your body in motion, allowing up to 5 degrees of tilt in all directions and rock as you sit. The ergonomic design provides excellent lumbar and pelvic support, with an adjustable seat height that ensures comfortable posture for both short and tall users. Whether you’re working at a sit to stand desk or just taking a break from standing, the CorePerch lets you move freely while still supporting your body in comfort. The range of motion encourages healthy movement throughout the day, helping to reduce fatigue and improve productivity. Enjoy the convenience of the non-slip base that grips most surfaces securely, so you’ll always have stability no matter where you are. With its durable construction and sleek design, the CorePerch is a great choice for anyone who wants to stay seated in comfort while keeping active and on their feet.

Rock, Swivel, Move and Burn Calorie with CorePerch

CorePerch is a revolutionary active seating stool designed to help you stay in motion throughout your day. Using the CorePerch, you can rock, swivel and move in ways that traditional office chairs don’t allow. This helps improve posture, core strength and stability while preventing fatigue from long hours of sitting. The design also offers pelvic support to keep your hips and lower back in a comfortable and healthy position for long-term use. By engaging core muscles, the CorePerch encourages micro-movements during daily tasks – helping you stay alert and productive as you work. With its ergonomic benefits, the CorePerch may even help burn calories while sitting! Whether you’re working at home or in an office space, enjoy improved posture, better circulation and a stronger core with the CorePerch active seating stool.

The CorePerch is constructed using durable materials to provide lasting use. We understand that purchasing an active seating solution is an investment in your health and wellbeing, which is why we back every single product we build with a comprehensive 2-year limited warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you are protected if something goes wrong with your stool during the warranty period.

At CoreChair, we are dedicated to helping you live life actively. Our mission is to offer innovative solutions that make it easier for everyone to maintain healthy posture and habits in the workplace or home office environment. Through our active sitting products, we strive to create a better work experience that helps people enjoy life more fully and comfortably.

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