The Importance of Employees Back Pain


Back pain has become a very common problem and inconvenience for many people today. In fact, almost 80 percent of adults are experiencing back problems like pain and aching, especially on the lower part of the back.

With the prevalence of the condition, it is very likely that your employees are also experiencing this. Please keep in mind that back pain is a condition that must be attended immediately or it can progress into long-term injury. 

When your employees are suffering from back pain, this can negatively impact the course of your business. According to studies, people who have chronic and acute back pain are normally not performing to the best of their abilities. In other words, due to the inconvenience of pain and stress, productivity and quality of work will be affected.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are claiming that their back pain and other back-related conditions are obtained from their respective jobs. And sadly, many have attested that their employers are not doing anything to alleviate the situation. As a result, this puts more strain on the company, not only on the management side but also in the actuality of the business.

So, this is why it is important that you take this aspect into consideration as well, especially if you are the owner or the one who manages the staff.

Top 5 Tips to Effectively Reduce Back Pain in the Office

Here are some of the best ways that you can help reduce the occurrence of back pain and ultimately help the employees who are suffering from the condition:


1. Consult Your Employees 
As an employer or manager, it is one of your duties to get to know your employees. You should consult them about their health and wellness and allow them the opportunity to open up about how they are feeling at work.

Ask questions to find out if they are dealing with any back pain, sciatica pain, hip pain, or similar. Sometimes employees do not want to complain about their pain, however, it is necessary to be aware of this and make sure they are feeling comfortable at work to ensure optimal productivity, presenteeism, and job satisfaction. 




2. Take Action After Consultation
The only way to help reduce back pain and other pain-related problems inside the office is to listen to what your employees are telling you and take action to fix the problems.

Once you’ve consulted with them, make sure that you consider all of their opinions and thoughts.

Ask them to do their own research and find different options that might help them with their pain. Make sure to also let them know that you will also create a list of options as well. Then, allow them to try all of the different options to find what works best for them.

3. Create Ergonomic Physical Environments and Workspaces 
If you haven’t changed the old desk and chair sets in the office, the chances of these items causing back pain are very high. So, to avoid back pain problems, especially on your employees’ part, create a back and posture-friendly environment. Ensure that the chairs and tables are all ergonomic and properly adjusted to the proper height for the individual at each workstation.

There are different office chairs that can actually help correct and promote good posture including our favorite chair the CoreChair.

You may want to consider trialing this chair for your employees who are suffering from back pain and sitting posture issues. The company has a 60-day Risk-Free trial which allows you to purchase the chair and have your employees try it out for 60 days before committing to it. If it does not help their pain, it can be sent back within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. You can check out their return policy here.

You can also check out the best posture corrector device to help employees manage their posture and back pain.

4. Encourage Exercise
Aside from promoting an ergonomic environment in the workplace, you must also encourage your employees to help themselves with another natural pain remedy– exercise. Resolving back pain inside the office must be a two-way street. You, as an employer, provide an ergonomic space to work with, and your employees then must also help themselves.


This means that they should also put effort into changing their diet and lifestyle. You may initiate the encouragement and even consider offering a health and wellness program to include fun fitness contests, savings on their gym memberships, healthy employee lunches, etc.

5. Disseminate Informative Materials 
Alongside the words of encouragement, another thing that you can do to reduce the apparent back pain problem among your employees is to disseminate essential information. Make them aware of the condition and give them options to avoid and alleviate it.

You can do this by sending office-wide emails with attached informative materials. You may also start pinning posters around the office featuring new innovative products, new research, and new statistics on the matter at hand.

Final Thoughts
All in all, back pain has become a real inconvenience in many businesses and is affecting employee productivity levels and their overall general health. And as an employer, you must help your employees as they are not the only ones being affected by the condition given that their overall performances are impacted. Taking the necessary steps to increase the health of your workforce and reduce the occurrence of back pain can be extremely beneficial to your company.

Like they say– healthy employees are more productive, happy, and less costly to the organization.

June Earls loves to write on various topics such as home, office diy decor. I write for posturebracecorrector.com/ a website dedicated to educating people about the importance of ergonomics and creating a healthier lifestyle in an office setting. She is constantly looking for new ways to optimize her performance, and hopefully, share those experiences with her readers.
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