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The Surprising Truth About Sitting Cross-Legged

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Uncategorized

Why do we sit crossed-legged?

Many of us find ourselves crossing our legs when we sit. Some more than others. A simple explanation of why we do this comes back to sitting posture and comfort. For many, the act of crossing the legs mechanically levers the upper body back into the back rest of their chair. While this might provide some temporary relief in their back and allow them to apparently sit up better, it comes at a price.

Why shouldn’t I sit like this?

When we sit and don’t move we know that our blood circulation is seriously slowed at the detriment of delivering refreshed oxygenated blood and nutrients as well as the removal of the waste products that our human machine produces in very basic functions. In the world of those with a neurological deficit where sensation is compromised, sitting on a non-conforming surface will impede blood flow, sometimes completely to the areas around their SITS bones and tail bone. The greatest risk here is tissue death or simply referred to as pressure sores. Without oxygen, our tissues will die.

When we cross our legs we essentially cut off the blood supply to our lower extremities preventing fresh oxygenated blood from reaching this area and restricting venous return. In addition, we shift our pelvis backward placing more pressure on our tail bone with a similar compromise. Of course, this position also results in a much more flexed lumbar spine which in time will result in an imbalance of our supportive soft tissues around the spine and an instability that carries over to our other activities of daily living.

As much a habit as anything else, crossing our legs essentially strangles our lower extremities and when we feel the need we should seek healthier habits like going for a walk, moving in your active sitting chair, or standing for a period of time with your standing desk

The Cross-Legged Seating Trend in Office Environments

The trend of sitting cross-legged on office chairs is becoming increasingly popular as professionals experiment with various seating positions to enhance comfort and productivity. This practice, once typically reserved for yoga studios or meditation rooms, has surged into mainstream office culture, prompting the emergence of specially designed chairs for sitting cross-legged. These ergonomic pieces of furniture cater to a range of sitting positions, allowing individuals the freedom to adopt whichever posture they find most conducive to their workflow. Office chairs for sitting cross-legged are not just a fad, but a reflection of the evolving understanding of workplace ergonomics and an acknowledgment of diverse sitting habits.

The Benefits of Sitting Cros Legged and Its Challenges

Sitting cross-legged, also known as the “Indian sitting position,” has long been associated with numerous health benefits. This posture promotes better breathing and circulation, aids digestion, and can even enhance focus and concentration. However, not all chairs are designed to support this sitting style. The typical office chair, for instance, might not accommodate the cross-legged position comfortably or ergonomically.

For those who prefer sitting cross-legged, a chair specifically designed for this posture can be a game changer. These chairs are tailored to support the natural curves of the spine, allowing for comfortable and healthy sitting positions. With the right chair for sitting cross-legged, one can enjoy the benefits of this posture without the common discomforts associated with non-supportive seating options. Conversely, the challenge lies in finding such specialized furniture, as the market is dominated by traditional chair designs. Therefore, it’s important to carefully research and consider your sitting habits when choosing an office chair.

Mastering the Art of Cross-Legged Sitting

Mastering the art of sitting cross-legged can enhance your posture, flexibility, and overall comfort while working. Especially when you have the right chair for sitting cross-legged, it can be a game-changer in your office setting. A well-designed office chair for sitting cross-legged offers the support your body needs to maintain this position comfortably over extended periods. It adapts to your body’s unique shape, providing ample cushioning and ergonomic design to ensure the least strain on your muscles. Not only does it improve your physical well-being, but a comfortable sitting position can also positively impact your concentration and productivity.

The Importance of Regular Movement and Stretching

Regular movement and stretching are integral elements of maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle, especially for individuals spending long hours in office settings. When using a chair for sitting cross-legged, it’s crucial to alternate your position and stretch periodically. This practice not only reduces the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders but also increases blood circulation and improves posture. For those utilizing an office chair for sitting cross-legged, incorporating stretching exercises into your daily routine can help alleviate the stress on your hip joints and lower back. It’s a simple yet effective way to enhance your well-being and productivity throughout the day.

Best office chair for sitting cross-legged

The CoreChair is arguably the best office chair for sitting cross-legged. This innovative chair is skillfully designed to promote movement and flexibility, accommodating various sitting postures, including the cross-legged position. It boasts an ergonomic design with a sculpted seat to comfortably fit your contours, ensuring a well-balanced distribution of weight. The CoreChair sets itself apart with its unique feature of allowing a gentle core-activating swivel, facilitating better posture, reducing back pain, and promoting overall well-being. If you are in search of an office chair that fosters both comfort and health, the CoreChair is your ideal choice.

Buy an office chair for sitting cross-legged

The CoreChair is an innovative solution for those seeking an office chair designed for sitting cross-legged. With a unique design that promotes movement and flexibility, it allows users to adopt a variety of seated positions comfortably, including cross-legged. The patented design encourages active sitting which contributes to enhanced posture, increased core strength, and improved overall health. Say goodbye to traditional stiff and rigid office chairs, and embrace the freedom of movement with CoreChair.

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